EA Mobile Bringing Scrabble to Android Next Week


Wordsmith, Wordfeud and Words With Friends not doing it for you? EA Mobile’s finally looking to flex those IP license muscles and bring the real deal to Android – Scrabble. Now, don’t get me wrong – just because they own the rights to use the name Scrabble in the video game world doesn’t mean their offering will be better than the “clones”. Recent ratings on the iOS App Store show an average rating of 4-4.5, though users have been frustrated by recent updates.

EA’s Scrabble will be pretty cool with some unique features. One of those features is “Teacher Mode” that’ll show you a better word you could have played after playing your turn. It’ll help you expand your vocabulary while simultaneously making you a better player at Scrabble.

Assuming EA dodges any major bugs with their initial Android release, there shouldn’t be much keeping you away from downloading it. Like Words With Friends, EA’s Scrabble will allow players to challenge friends on other platforms including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Facebook. I won’t lie – EA’s version gives that pleasing “official” Scrabble look and feel, but it’s so hard to screw up a Scrabble clone and the only thing that can screw one up are technical bugs (coughWWFcough). If you’re willing to try out EA’s game, be on the lookout for it on the Android Market sometime next week. [Venture Beat]

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  1. I’ma be all over this. I love scrabble but huddling around a lil board and handling them tiles is for the birds.

  2. thats odd, i have the official scrabble game already on my galaxy s, don’t even remmeber where i downloaded it from…and it’s from EA..weird

  3. Good! Words With Friends is getting to be a joke. It accepts words that it shouldn’t and doesn’t accept words that it should. The words it does and does not accept aren’t even consistent within particular word types, such as proper nouns, etc. (at least according to conventional word game rules). Hopefully, Amazon will have it as a free app of the day, since I refuse to buy anything from EA after getting screwed over by them on another paid game on the Android market.

  4. The Samsung Gem By Verizon Comes With Scrabble Pre-Loaded o.O

  5. This is cool, multi-platform, and an original game.

    Edit: Then he said the magic word, free.

  6. so there can be more than 4 people playing a game?!?!? See ya words with friends. Like someone else said words with friends accepts words that it shouldn’t and rejects words it should accept.

  7. Thats cool! Now they just need to bring dead space And their other titles too!

  8. Wonder if it will integrate into the FB version? I play that one all the time and it would be nice to play when I’m not at my computer with the same people.

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