Current Verizon 3G Subscribers Will Be Able to Keep Unlimited Plan When Upgrading to 4G


When Verizon introduced its new tiered data plans yesterday, many current 3G subscribers with unlimited plans feared that upgrading to an LTE handset would mean switching to a not-so-unlimited 4G data package. I’m happy to report that this will not be the case. Verizon tweeted a clarification earlier today, stating that none only will current unlimited 3G subscribers be able to keep their unlimited plan when upgrading to 4G, but they will also be able to purchase the $30/month unlimited mobile hotspot plan to go along with it. As a current 3G subscriber on Verizon waiting for the perfect 4G handset, this news comes as quite the relief. I’m sure it does for many of you, as well.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Woot!

  2. Gooooooood gooooooood *rubs hands together*

  3. oh thank god!!!! now take my money and give me my damn GSII already, Verizon!

    1. Fo’ SERIOUS!

    2. What is better a Nexus Prime or a Galaxy 2? both are sammy right, both coming to vzw?

  4. They’ll get you eventually.

  5. “As a current 3G subscriber on Verizon waiting for the perfect 4G handset….”

    What phone do you think this will be? I’m simply not enamored with the Charge or the TB…both have their separate issues. So what’s next…and will it be so far down the road that I might as well accept one of these two and move on. I’m up for an upgrade now.

    1. The Bionic, obviously.

      1. I would agree…but it’s still one of the biggest mystery phones coming down the pike. And when will it arrive? We know it won’t be the old version of what would have been the Bionic, but other than that…we know nothing (that I can find, anyway)…a couple of speculative pics. I’m not waiting much longer.

        1. Aug 4. And pics are all oover the web idk where u r looking.

          1. Thanks…found all the pics….also some references to launching sometime in July for online sales only.

    2. One that doesn’t exist on VZW yet. Give me anything from HTC that’s dual core and on Sense 3.0. Then I’m sold.

      1. I hear you…HTC makes an incredible (no pun intended) piece of hardware. It’s the only phone that simply feels solid. What we need is a Thunderbolt that’s dual core, has Sense 3.0 and ships with Gingerbread. I’m not holding my breath.

        1. Just suck with battery life.

        2. the battery life kills the phone.

  6. Damn. So I bought a TB for no reason to get on the 4G train.

    Might as well have gotten an Incredible 2 – at least then the battery would last most of the day.

    1. sold my Droid X on ebay, bought a TB on ebay. No contract extension or modification needed. Net/net i paid $125 out of pocket to upgrade to the TB. Really loved the DX, but the TB is amazing (rooted/rom’d). I’ll use my upgrade if/when VZ get’s a bigger/better 4g device w/ the same level of dev support that the TB has. p.s. I have no problems getting 24+ hours on a standard battery and normal use on my TB. BAMF stripped 1.8, Iso’s lean kernel OC to 1.4ghz (undervolted).

  7. Haha that’s awesome, I just chatted with a verizon rep earlier today and they told me I get to keep unlimited data at no extra cost if I were to upgrade to a 4g phone. =]

    1. They told me the same thing. Then later another rep said “sorry you were told incorrect information”.

  8. I have the unlimited data for 10 bucks plan, what are the chances of keeping that… slim.. or none??

  9. thank god i am saved.

  10. What if i switch from 4G back to a 3G phone, like from a Thunderdump to an iPhone

  11. Oh my god, Verizon. I love you today.

  12. Old news. Was reported a week ago.

  13. So, what’s the Verizon options for someone considering moving to them come December (when my TMob Contract Expires a Violent Death)… just starting to check out my future options. Do New Verizon Customers have a good unlimited plan? If not I may be looking at Sprint. Gotta love that LTE, however! Front runner so far is Bionic… hoping to see more entries come Christmas! Anyone got a good link to a Android Phones Upcoming Release Chart?

    1. New customers can’t get unlimited they only get 2gb.

  14. That is not true. I just left my Verizon store after making a payment. I asked her about the droid bionic because my contract ends July 15th. She told me that I have a droid x 3g phone if I switch to a any 4g phone I would be required to change my plan going from a 3g to the 4g new contracts will be required. So leaving the store in a pizzed off state I called *611 to verify this. The rep on the phone at first said no that’s not true I could keep my plan. I said are you sure? She said she needed to put me on hold she came back and said she had made a mistake. I had 360 communication then Alltel and now Verizon over the past 11 years I ben loyal never changed the Co. did. My plan is a Alltel 69.99 I get 500 anytime unlimited night and weekend. unlimited mobile to mobile. 5 friends and family unlimited text unlimited data. Since I have “a Alltel plan ” I would have to change my plan to a tiered plan. I looked at my billboard whee on it dose it say Alltel plan it says Friends & Family5 S/P matter of fact it says PDA-Personal VZ. under that says unlimited monthly kilobyte. So that’s my rant.

    1. YOU ARE CORRECT! I have the $15 150MB plan and if i upgrade my Droid to Droid X2, I would get a new contract then have to pay $30 for 2GB. This is BULL$H1T !!

      1. You really pay 15 bucks for 150MB? You deserve to pay 30 for 2GB.


  16. I wonder what’s in it for Verizon!!!

  17. Make it known too that I asked Verizon yesterday at their store and as long as you have the unlimited data plan, weather you switch to a another 3G device or to a 4G, you will keep the unlimited.

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