HTC Droid Incredible 2 Gingerbread Update Ready to Roll


For all the ways the HTC Droid Incredible 2 improved on the original, its operating system still had the phone feeling a little behind the times. That should change soon, as Verizon has updated their support page with documentation for the handset’s update to Android 2.3. Aside from taking the Incredible 2 from Froyo to Gingerbread, the update will include a new wireless charging UI and desktop dock app, general bug fixes to reduce device freezes and resets, and copy/paste improvements.

Though the software upgrade to Gingerbread appears ready to go, we have nothing to go off of indicating when it will begin its roll out. Our best guess is anytime from today to next week.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. So who wants to take bets, Incredible 2 gets GB before the Thunderbolt?

    1. Clearly it is going to since there is no gb in sight for the tb unless you root.

  2. Anything for the Incredible 1???

    1. Yes Cyanogenmod 7. Been running Gingerbread for months now on Incredible 1.

      1. Agreed but the wife wants unrooted, but I am pushing her there more everyday.

  3. my wife has the dinc2. This is an awesome phone. I do not understand why it doesn’t get a lot of hype (lack of dual core maybe?)..but it is very speedy and has good battery life. Gingerbread will make this thing rock even more! Too bad i don’t have an android device yet! still waiting on SGSII and if that doesn’t come – i’ll probably get the Bionic.

    1. The Inc2 is getting passed over due to the 4G hysteria.

  4. Man, does that ever piss me off! HTC, Verizon needs to get the TB update out, soon. My patience is stretched to the limit!

  5. And still no Gingerbread for the G2

  6. Fuck yes !!!

    so glad I dint get the thunderbolt

  7. Sense 3.0 with the upgrade?

  8. I’ve been checking for the update all day. It won’t be for another few weeks at minimum.

  9. If you’re planning on rooting your phone, do not install the GB update when it comes out. You’ll lose the ability to root.

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