Droid 3 Already Arriving for Some Lucky Folks


The Motorola Droid 3 just went up for order yesterday, but some of those who placed their orders are already receiving the new dual-core handset for Verizon. One member over at HowardForums was kind enough to provide some nice, clear images of the handset right out of the box along with some initial impressions of the newest addition to the Droid family. Have you received your Droid 3 yet? Join in on the discussion over at Android Forums and let us all know what you think.

[HowardForums via AndroidForums]

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  1. If lucky means lock bootloader then yeah, your’e lucky

  2. If it’s running MotoBlur, I wouldn’t call them “lucky.”

    1. edit…………

    2. I agree, I just Got the Phone, and I hate MotoBlur. I deeply regret getting the phone now.

  3. The bootloader will get unlocked eventually. I am goona order one today. if I dont like it then it goes back that simple. I really want the elusive Droid Bionic.

    1. cool, how much did you pay for it?

  4. And if lucky means a 2GB limit or get charged more to fully utilize a smartphone.

  5. that box looks realllllyyy tiny.

    I assume it comes with absolutely nothing, except some 2 inch USB charger?

    1. Droid X shipped in the same box… phone, manual, USB cord, wall plug.

    2. At least it’s better than the D1 box with the slide-out that people were opening upside down. A lot of brand new phones were drop-tested because of that brilliant idea.

  6. How about all of these Verizon haters on Sprint stop bitching about 2gb cap..you might as well have a 2 gb cap since you rarely have any service to allow to use that much data =) thank you bye

  7. omg moto blur is awful!!..no way to uninstall it..ever since I was with ATT and moto Atrix..it was terrible n slow!..no more att n no more moto phones..luvin my lg revo!

    1. lg revolution lol

      What a turd….atrix is unlocked now. Beast compared to lg crap.

  8. Those of you complaining about Blur, or the screen or anything else about this phone without having actually used one… Use one. Then you can talk. The screen looks great to me. Crisp, good detail. I don’t even know blur is on the phone aside from a slightly confusing mail setup. The phone is rocket fast. They keyboard rocks. It’s worlds better than the D1 keyboard. Comfortable with good tactile feedback, and the number row is a godsend. All in all, a winner.

  9. If you’re looking for a reason to love this phone, the keyboard, build quality and speed are all good reasons.

    If you’re looking for a reason to hate it, just look around. You can’t swing a dead cat without knocking over a half dozen haters.

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