Huawei Raises Projected Smartphone Sales to 20 Million


Earlier this year, low-cost Android handset manufacturer Huawei projected sales of 12-15 million smartphones in 2011. That was no small number, either, considering 2010 sales topped out around 3 million. It seems it still wasn’t a big enough goal for the company, as they have raised the number of Android handsets they plan to sell to 20 million.

It’s a huge number for the company, but a small chunk of the market compared to bigger handset manufacturers. Yesterday we learned that HTC hit 21 million handsets sold in the first half of the year alone. Huawei’s goal is ambitious, but not out of the question, especially as the company has made a bigger push into new regions such as the United States where their low-cost options appeal to new smartphone buyers or those who would otherwise settle for a feature phone.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Damn!!!
    been doing some research for my company, its expected that worldwide smartphones will be about 686m this year…WOW!!

  2. I’m about to get the Huawei U8650 Sonic. It sells for 79€ or a little over 100$, off-contract. Usually you would expect a piece of junk for that money, but it’s got a VGA 3.5 inch screen, for example.

    Did I say that it’s a hundred bucks on prepaid?

  3. that android looks like a peacock xD

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