Huawei Plans to Ship over 12 Million Android Handsets this Year


If last year showed the beginnings of what fringe handset manufacturers could produce with budget-oriented consumers in mind, 2011 looks to be the year that such low-priced Android offerings invade the world en masse. In a recent interview with Reuters, Huawei’s chief strategy and marketing officer Victor Xu said the company has plans to ship 60 million mobile handsets this year. Of those 60 million, 12 to 15 million will be smartphones. That equates to three to five times the number of smartphones the company shipped last year as they began to expand their business outside of their native China. Judging by the companies track record to deploy Android, look for more handsets echoing the design of their current Ideos lineup: low cost even without a contract and deploying relatively up-to-date versions of the Android OS.

[via Reuters]

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  1. staggering

  2. I’m using Huawei U9000 Ideos X6., it is pretty good and valuable

  3. I’m waiting for some of these big Chinese hardware manufacturers to skip the middleman and go directly to consumers. . . think Foxconn making their own handsets based on Android–why not get a little peace of that big markup crapple is taking!

  4. These guys suck, bad. We tried some of their network switches in place of Cisco brand switches, absolutely horrible. Unless they phones are free with contract, nobody will buy them.

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