Jul 6th, 2011

Google is one of if not the largest supporter of NFC, so it will probably come as no surprise to you to find out that the Google+ app released in conjunction with their fancy new social network has near-field technology built in. Ridzuan Ashim, a software developer, found that when the app is used on a supported device such as the Nexus S, NFC tags can be read and shared via Google+. If a tag contains text, scanning will open a dialog asking if you want to share it on the social network (or via another app).

At the moment, the novel idea seems a bit limited, but it opens up a future of possibilities. NFC check-ins for bars and restaurants, bumping phones to initiate a hangout or huddle, and adding new people to your circles all come to mind. You can experience a taste for yourself if you are part of the exclusive Google+ club and own an NFC-enabled phone, other wise see the above video.

[via Engadget]