Apps of the Day: Eventseekr and Jetflicks


Entertainment abound! Only a couple of applications I wanted to highlight today, but they’re definitely worth checking out. Both are backed by excellent web services and offer mobile apps to help you take those experiences on the go. Go on, cure your boredom by checking both apps out below.

Evenseekr – Eventseekr is a very cool “where” style app that allows you to find the hottest events and happenings in your city. It’s a full-blown web service, but they’ve introduced an Android application and it’s every bit as good as the desktop version. You’ll be able to search for concerts, sports, festivals and good nightlife spots all over the world, and some events may even allow you to purchase your ticket directly within the application. If you use Eventseekr, the application is definitely worth the free download. [Market]

Jetflicks – Netflix not supported on your device? Google Market’s video rentals not appealing to you? You could give Jetflicks a try. Yes, they totally drew their inspiration from somewhere. Can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s a subscription based service starting at $10 on a monthly plan, but options for tri-monthly, semi-annually and annually exist to make it cheaper on your wallet for committing to longer service. Visit Jetflicks.com for more details. [Market]

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  1. been using eventseekr for quite a few months now and absolutely love it! Living in Salt Lake City, there is always something going on and it’s impossible to keep up with all the concerts, festivals, etc. Eventseekr breaks down the entertainment into categories, making it easier to decide on what to do, where to go and how to get there. This is a must have for anyone living in a big city who isn’t a couch potato. Eventseekr FTW!

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