Jul 6th, 2011

Like a heavy weight battle between two greats, the patent war between Apple and Samsung just keeps heating up. We reported only a few days ago how Samsung filed was requesting a ban on the sale of Apple products here in the U.S. and now it looks like Apple is firing back with their own request.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has now filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban the import of Samsung mobile devices from the U.S. Apple’s complaint is saying that Samsung violated 4 technical patents and 2 design patents which apply to six smartphones (Galaxy S 4G, Fascinate, Transform, Captivate, Intercept, and Infuse 4G) and 2 tablets (Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1).

All of this started in April when Apple first sued Samsung for violating its patents and looks like it wont be ending anytime soon. Word on the street is Samsung may be looking to cross-license technology with Apple to end this legal battle and avoid law suits just like this one in the future.

[Via Bloomberg]

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