Apple Fires Back at Samsung With Its Own Import Ban Request On Galaxy Devices


Like a heavy weight battle between two greats, the patent war between Apple and Samsung just keeps heating up. We reported only a few days ago how Samsung filed was requesting a ban on the sale of Apple products here in the U.S. and now it looks like Apple is firing back with their own request.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has now filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission to ban the import of Samsung mobile devices from the U.S. Apple’s complaint is saying that Samsung violated 4 technical patents and 2 design patents which apply to six smartphones (Galaxy S 4G, Fascinate, Transform, Captivate, Intercept, and Infuse 4G) and 2 tablets (Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1).

All of this started in April when Apple first sued Samsung for violating its patents and looks like it wont be ending anytime soon. Word on the street is Samsung may be looking to cross-license technology with Apple to end this legal battle and avoid law suits just like this one in the future.

[Via Bloomberg]

Chris Chavez
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  1. noway! Samsung will fire back a huge blue energy ball.. and win this battle =D

    1. HADOUKEN!

      1. SHINKU HADOKEN!!!

      2. Did anyone else yell that out loud while reading it?

  2. Seems like Samsung must feel that cross licensing doesn’t put a dent in what they make on Android. Looking at the trends it makes sense. Everything else is dying a swift death and Apple is as flat as a board. What the rest of the failures are trying to skim off Android is nothing if they can continue to be at the top of the Android onslaught.

    It would be nice though if some company would take Apple and MS to task and make them prove the validity of their patents. If Android wasn’t a runaway success we could have been stuck with lackluster iOS and WP7 probably wouldn’t even exist as it does if at all.

  3. I can understand some of the “design” patent infringements, but come one the tablets violating these things. In all seriousness, Apple looks like it is just trying to shore up as much money as it can before they go out. Of course Apple literally won’t go out, but it seems their smartphone market is thinning out.

    1. I think the idea of a design patent is completely ridiculous, not at all what patents were originality intended to protect.

  4. Doesn’t look good for the gs2 coming to the US anytime soon.

    1. I doubt ITC would grant either Samsung’s or Apple’s request to block products.

      1. even if they dont block it look how already you are hearing nothing on the gs2 in the US. Remember it was supposed to be coming in july on sprint and now nothing no leaks for any carriers.

      2. Despite the damage it would do, I actually hope the ITC will grant both requests to block each company’s products.

        That would settle things real fast. Or if not, Apple would disappear a whole lot faster than Samsung would.

        Once upon a time, there were suits and countersuits between Motorola (68000) and Intel (x86). I don’t remember who started it. They both wanted an injunction blocking sale of the other’s microprocessors. The judge said “fine” and granted them both.

        The lawsuits were settled the very next business day.

  5. This is pretty big, they are claiming the galaxy 10.1? That is vanilla android, that is quite the precedent if it goes through, would pretty much kill android as we know it.

    1. The Galaxy Tab is about the design, not the software I belive..

  6. screw you apple i want my gs2!!!!!

  7. Apple should compete in the marketplace…not the courtroom! What’s wrong with consumers picking the winners and losers based on quality, price and features?

    1. because apple would never have that.

    2. Let consumers decide for themselves what they want and what’s best for them? That’d mean Steve Jobs would have nothing to do. Sources report he’s currently in the process of setting up iCourt and iJudge so that he can charge all iOS users for the use of each individual patent too.

  8. Apple is scared… otherwise why not welcome an inferior device? Fact is Android has been superior for a while now! With every new Android device they lose more and more foothold. Steve Jobs is a whiny little child who wants all of the lollipops in the world to himself!

    1. sadly that is not true – apple are actually gaining market share….despite the new devices

  9. Looks like Apple tried to intimidate the wrong company and are now in a game of patent chicken with someone who has the resources to fire back.

    Jobs’ pride and ego could be his undoing if he keeps slapping down every middle ground offered to him and pushes back with more and more lawsuit threats to strong arm Samsung into submission. Beyond the immediate results the attention could start an overhaul of the entire patent process (please be true)…

  10. “Like a heavy weight battle between two greats”

    No, it’s more like a fight between two bratty little kids.

  11. I don’t know why phantards cannot figure this out. Look at it this way. Anyone can make a “cola” soft drink. They can put it in a 12 ounce aluminum can. No worries. But make that can red, and put a wavy white logo on it, and Coke might come calling. Make it red, white, and blue, and Pepsi might just have something to say about that. And no one would kill them for trying to protect their image. There are ways to make competing products without copying everything. Try to be a little innovative, a little creative, don’t just throw your hands up and say “there is only one way to make a phone”. Blackberries do not look like iPhones, Nokias do not look like iPhones. It is possible. Take one of those korean copy phones and an iPhone. Put them 50 feet away from you. Can you distinguish them from one another. Now do it with cans of soda. Bet you can distinguish them, even if you can’t read the label. That is the issue here. Understand now??

    1. did you think that thru? seriously who the f* is nokia? and blackberry theres what 10 ppl in the world still using one c’mon fact is ppl want big pretty touch screens not an outdated sux there os sux the phones just friggin suck. bj thinks his way is the only no custom nothing slow and stupid is how phones should be in his eyes cuz lets face iphail users typically are slo n stupid i had a 3gs for 3 weeks and that was torture i got a rooted evo running sense 3 now and im plenty happy using what i want and when

      1. Wow, you really showed me. I just chose those to manufacturers as examples. You can insert which ever manufacturer you wish in my previous post. None of them look as close to an iPhone as the Samsung. You are absolutely right on your point about Apple sucking too, no one likes them… Oh wait. Apple is the most valuable brand name in the world. Apple is the highest valued tech corporation in the world. iPod touch is the most popular portable mp3 player in the world. iPad is the most popular tablet in the world. And yes, you guessed it, iPhone 4 is the most popular phone in the world. But you are right, Apple sucks. So, what is it that you can do on your precious andtard phone that I cannot do on my iPhone?? I hear all this shit about side loader, and bootlegs, and custom roms, what does this mean?? Is this something you have to do to make the phone work properly?? There are so many phantards that bring this up over and over. Now is your chance, tell me exactly what it is you can do that I cannot.

        1. ” I hear all this shit about side loader, and bootlegs, and custom roms, what does this mean?? Is this something you have to do to make the phone work properly?? ”

          It’s basically the jailbreak equivalent of what I did to every iPhone I owned. But you already knew that… The phones work fine without them just as my iPhone 1 through iPhone 3g did. But since my DX gingerbread update I don’t even root any longer. I can modify my phone to have neat little widgets, custom icons, custom lock screens, etc. just because it’s an android phone. Something you will have to wait a bit longer before you can do.

          And people who use terms like phantards, iSheep, etc. just come of as being ignorant and lose all credibility. See the grown ups can actually have “open” minds and enjoy their Apple products and their Android phones. Whoah! Shocked to hear that I’m sure.

  12. All you crying fools its just a phone how many design do you get out of a phone of course some are going to look similar we build off other ideas that’s life. Some of you with apple are mad that your phone aren’t consider the best in life anymore and android people feel there not totally on top who cares bring back the phone booth and worry about more important things in life. i like technology to. Apple is a good phone and most people brought it because of the mac history att help kill that phone with it bad service. android i give thanks to helping other phone developer a chance to compete. This gives people choice’s. Apple has been losing business since android been release fact. Tons of company’s had use some of apple looks in some way more thank samsung but what samsung offer is a very slim line platform and a bunch of good things. Yes steve jobs knew some day he would be knock down. He probably thought it would be microsoft but nope its is a sleeping gaint who are building great products from cell phones to heavy equipment not just gadgets like Apple open your eyes people you all are very intelligent just blind by your own opinion, there both great phones its just personal choice kids you can stop fighting this how wars start.

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