Google Presents Nexus Contraptions, Puzzle Your Way to a Nexus S


If you thought Google+ was the coolest thing Google unveiled this week, you obviously haven’t seen Nexus Contraptions yet. It’s a flash-based web game that has me all giddy for its similarities to a favorite from my youth, The Incredible Machine. The main object of the game is to use various objects such as rubber bands to guide, bounce, and fling Google apps into a funnel, the end result being the production of a shiny new Nexus S handset. But you gotta act quick because you are being timed! You can find the game over at YouTube. Report back with your high scores!

[via Twitter]

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  1. Am I the only one curious why this cool, interactive game is on YouTube?

    1. showing oiff new tools possibly ?

  2. It doesn’t work for me. I can release the ball but I can’t seem to to anything else. I assume there’s a tool shelf that pulls out on the right side but I’ve clicked everywhere and can’t get it to open. Anyone else having problems or am I missing something?

    1. weird… pointing on the area of the shelf pulls it out for me.

      1. Yeah this definitely isn’t working in IE9, Chrome 12, or Firefox 5…

        1. works for me in Firefox 5

        2. works for me in Chrome 12

  3. think with portals!

  4. 9 minutes and 18 seconds! Currently on the high scores list.

    1. Beat my high score…8 minutes 21 seconds

  5. #1 on leaderboard for stage 1 woot lol

    1. #1 overall woot woot!

  6. remember hangout feature on Google+ has a you-tube option, those are possibilities you-tube can do to interact with group of friends

  7. Google make this a free game on the Market :D

  8. Game is full of cheaters… negative times a plenty… lame.

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