LG Optimus Black Headed to Multiple US Carriers?


We’ve already got a pretty good idea that the LG Optimus Black is headed to US Cellular, but a recent FCC filing suggests it won’t be the only US carrier the handset will call home. An LG phone with the model number US855 has been joined by an LS855, As855, and VM855, with the first two letters all designating a carrier, the biggest of which being Sprint (the LS855). Alltel and Virgin Mobile will also see the handset if our logic pans out.

The Optimus Black is best known for its ultra-bright NOVA display technology, though the handset is often overshadowed by the Optimus 3D, which was announced around the same time. The Black has been greeted with relatively mixed reviews.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. maybe if it was dual core otherwise i think i’ll wait for the galaxy s2

  2. VM probably means Verizon. Why would Sprint allow it’s prepaid offshoot to have the same phone they do but allow people to pay 25 bucks a month? Not only that, even if they did allow it- Virgin customers would have to pay the full 500-600 bucks for it. I plan on switching to Virgin for the Triumph and from what I’ve seen- no one on a prepaid will pay 600 bucks for a phone. People are groaning about the 300 for the Moto Triumph.

    1. it actually is going to virgin mobile! :o but still im going to get the triumph as well, mostly because it just looks like the better phone overall lol

  3. Sprint needs another Stock Android phone…It would be nice if this were it.

  4. hopefully custom roms would finally start coming, loads of devs are from the US

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  6. This phone does not deserve the name black smh

  7. Anyone else think their reference to Alltel is a little questionable? You know, since Verizon bought out Alltel?

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