Google a Player in Talks to Buy Hulu


Hulu is up on the auction block, and Google is among the bidders interested in adding the company to their stables. Yahoo and Microsoft are also reportedly interested in purchasing the internet video streaming service and its collection of licenses for TV shows and movies. The Los Angeles Times spoke to individuals in the know and reports Google is particularly interested in the advertising power of the Hulu platform, which is not surprising based on the fact that Google’s main source of revenue comes from display ads.

Nothing is finalized, but an acquisition would further Google’s push as a media provider, adding to their movie rentals already available via the Android Market and helping to legitimize official, high quality content on YouTube in the eyes of entertainment industry execs. Really, we’d just be happy if the sale meant better Hulu integration into the Android OS.

[via Los Angeles Times]

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  1. I use HULU all the time to watch shows that I may miss an episode on and I hope that Google gets its hands on it because I would think it would be better than it is now.

  2. This would be a boon for Google+ wouldn’t it? Think about it. You and 9 other friends in a “Hangout” can watch the latest episode of (__________) together online.


    1. I like that idea.. even with hulu it they should integrate you tube like that.

      1. Youtube already works like that in Hangout. That’s why everyone is suggesting they should buy Hulu for this :)

    2. Awesome idea, patent that and sell it to Google.

      1. lol what are you an Apple lawyer?

    3. great idea dude. I would love to use that feature. Also they can stream movies just like Netflix does. For a subscription backed by google man that would be epic

  3. When Google takes over everything, our grandsons and kids will ask us, “Why is everything Google?” We’ll say, “Well, let me tell you a story…..”

    1. What’s the story, about the day that Google bought Hulu?

      1. ….

    2. We’ll still be using Microsoft Windows/Office…

      1. I use Google docs, works just as good. Fuck Microsoft! I hope they go under.

        1. LOL! Google Docs is a gimped pile of shit compared to Office. So keep tonguing Larry Page’s dirt star.

  4. Maybe they could get rid of the ridiculous policy of paying to watch ads with your own bandwidth on your own devices.

    1. Who cares about 20 second ads, when you watch TV do you complain when you have to sit through 2 to 5 minutes of commercials and ads? Probably not.

      1. 1) i don’t watch commercials on my TV, i DVR through them.
        2) yes i do complain about having commercials on a service that requires a subscription fee(currently using Uverse). over-air free TV commercials = ok paying $50-$100/mo for the privilege of watching = not ok(and i’m sure some packages are 100+)

    2. it is more like a minute now.

  5. Old news is old.

    1. And you should further your education, you don’t sound to bright.

      1. Too*

        My statement has no grammatical mistakes, unlike yours. So it would be you who doesn’t sound bright.
        P.s. I go to the number 1 public school in the US, so try again.

        1. You sound pretty gay to me, tell your father to get his cock out of your mouth,

          1. That’s actually your mother. And that “cock” is actually her clit ;)

          2. Wait, were you just bragging about going to public school. I hear they have extremely strict requirement for enrollment.

          3. @Michael Taylor

            Whats wrong with public school, asshole? I never said public grade school. I’m talking about public universities, and they have extremely low acceptance rates. You just sound like a dueche bag.

        2. “I go to the number public school in the US, so try again.”
          Youre being sarcastic right? lol

          1. No… I think you misread my post. Also, its “you’re”

          2. And it is “it’s”…not its.

          3. You’ve got to love 14 year old grammar Nazis

          4. it’s = it is (“It’s here.”)
            its = something that belongs to it (“I have a dog and its tail is red.”)

        3. Number one public school in the US. Let’s analyze this for a moment. US education system is in dire need of an update. It is a “public” school. If you said private school then you might actually impress someone (not I). Judging by the comment you made below this one, you are no different from every other teenage boy in public school. Not to mention your grammar errors. Grow up.

          1. Your dumbass thinks I’m talking about elementary school or high school right? I’m talking University here, you sound like an idiot. Also, I could care less if i impress some internet troll (who is probably a virgin).

          2. Child child, your wording really needs to improve. A public school is a school that is fully funded by the state. Colleges and Universities get most of their funding via tuition and donations, meaning they are not public school. Next time you try to argue with someone, make sure you have your facts straight and argue on the level you claim to be on. Don’t act like a 15 year old when you claim to be in the nation’s top college, it just plain looks bad.

          3. Public universities aren’t funded by the state?? Your stupidity continues to amuse me. Yes they charge tuition but a lot of that money goes to construction, financial aid, etc. They are still very much public schools and they are still funded by the state. Try again, maybe do a little research before you respond.

  6. Hulu + Youtube = WIN!

  7. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE GOOGLE TAKES OVER THE WORLD!!!!!

      1. Good one ari! I forgot about that. To infinity and beyond:-)

  8. Hope this goes through, maybe this’ll push Hulu to up their compatible android phone list with the apps.

  9. Why has no one mentioned the biggest implication of this? Google TV with Hulu as the core IPTV service. That would be glorious!

  10. Then I could use Hulu on my Google TV… Woot!

  11. GuGu FTW!!

    I figured this was coming.

  12. Don’t let this one escape through your fingers, Google. Just make sure the networks won’t screw you over on the licenses, and get them to STOP blocking Google TV.

    Also, make Hulu international already. You have a big ad network, so you can afford that.

  13. They better not screw this one up. They needed Nortel patents. What the F… happen?

    1. What all was significant in those patents?

  14. shit can I buy it Hulu how much

  15. Hell yeah!!! Screw cRAPPLE and make it an Android exclusive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. “Years from now, people will ask us: Where were you when Google took over the planet?”

    j/k I like Google and so far I trust them, but this is still a possibility….luckily a very unlikely one

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