Team Win Finds Exploit for EVO 3D, Should Be Bringing Root Any Day Now


Sure, it’s been a bit over a week since EVO 3D users have gotten their devices, but we can’t always get day one root. Still, you had to expect that some magical ray of light would soon shine down on us and deliver its gift of life to the roots of the device. The folks behind Team Win have apparently found an exploit that should allow them to root the device and get things rolling in an otherwise-stagnant development community as of now.

Kevin Bruckert, our benefactor for today’s news, wasn’t clear on whether or not this exploit was common in both pre- and post-OTA EVO 3D devices, but we’ve certainly reached out to him to find out. Keep your eye on XDA, AndroidForums or your favorite aftermarket community to be in on the action as it happens.

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  1. WINNING!!!!! Thank you Team Win

  2. Sweet…….a rooted 3d is potentially the best of 2011.

  3. didnt think it would matter much but i need root on my evo 3d coming from the og evo got use to using apps that need root like chainfire ad free android cache cleaners and so. this is good news

  4. Does this mean that the Sensation will have root soon as well?

    1. Reading through the 167 page post at XDA, the general consensus is that the exploit should be there in the sensation as well but will need some tweaking to work.

      1. awesome! Thanks for doing the legwork for me haha… sometimes those posts on XDA can take a really long time to read through.

  5. All these threats of “HTC, UNLOCK MY BOOTLOADER OR ELSE!”

    Guess the Evo 3D was about as hard to crack as any other Android device. I’m going to laugh once this comes through and all those people have returned their Evo 3D’s — no wait. I already am! =p

    1. Chris,

      You should know better then that! Root doesn’t mean being able to load ASOP or the likes because you need the bootloader unlocked, to be able to load a different kernal!!

      All root will do is give super user functions on the stock rom. Without an unlocked bootloader, you still can’t load something else.

      BTW, an unlocked bootloader doesn’t mean the stock ROM will get rooted either…

      1. Say that to all the Motorola users about to get Cyanogen. Anything’s possible.

  6. You really only need root to be able to get the s-off bootloader up and running so then you can get full root on the device (if this exploit only allows partial root) If it’s a full privilege escalation exploit, I’m glad I’m getting the 3D sometime in early july.

  7. um you guys do know they already have the first leaked bootloader with s-off on xda. they just need to get s off on current to flash the other. once done you can flash what ever you want. i have been reading it since page one of 175 lol

  8. They’ve reached out to me? Um, ok, musta missed it. My twitter went nuts last night with all the “following” notifications. But anyway, the existing OTA is very unlikely to have closed this particular hole. Since the vulnerability is newly discovered and we haven’t released any details (not because we’re being dicks, it really is to help everyone), HTC would have to review their entire source base looking for holes to plug. The moment we tell the world where the bug is (by releasing a tool that exploits it), they will immediately put in a fix into the source trees, and will be deployed with their next OTA. In the meantime, we still advice against OTAs, just in case we they change something in the hboot which prevents us from pushing in the ENG hboot we already have in our possession.

  9. Woo! I just can’t wait! I mean I have more fun flashing then I do using any device anyway. Give me a keypad, antenna and a flash ship and i’ll scour to my cave and cheer in hiding.


    #teamwin #FTW

  11. Cant wait for root. The Evo 3d has a little lag whether using sense or launcher pro. Hopefully root and cleaning up some of the code with a custom rom and possibly an overclock can rectify all of that. Def will be the best device if this happens.

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