Netflix for Android Supports EVO 3D, You Just Have to Find the APK Yourself


Wondering why the HTC EVO 3D isn’t supported by Netflix after its older, but weaker brother has gotten the goods? Well, it technically is supported, it just isn’t visible to anyone with an EVO 3D in the market. Users have reported downloading the unmodified .APK and being able to use it without fail. No root, no hacks, just Netflix. Find .APKs at this forum thread. Oh, and HTC decided to exclude the flashlight application here, apparently, but they have a .APK file for that, as well, if that’s your thing. [via Good & EVO]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Team Win Finds Exploit for EVO 3D, Should Be Bringing Root Any Day Now

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  1. one of the first things i did when i got my evo 3d works perfect

  2. Would this apk work on an Asus Transformer tablet?

    1. so I tried. It installs on the Asus, but it says can’t reach the netflix service. so sadly it does not work yet on the transformer. I was so excited when it allowed me to sign in.

  3. Netflix really needs to update their app to allow users to modify their DVD queues…

  4. Wish it officially worked with the Xperia Play, I’m tired of this green bar and washed out colors. :(

  5. You don’t need to root or hack to get it to work anymore for any phone

  6. Won’t install on a Thunderbolt. No surprise. I’m damned disappointed with HTC regarding their support of the Thunderbolt. This was supposed to be one of their flagship phones, and I already feel like the red-headed stepchild.

    1. Thunderdud

      1. Hmmmm this doesn’t sound like Dick Yarrell at all…

        Come up with better crap to say, or just don’t say anything.

  7. THAT DOES IT. IM GOING TO COMPLAIN TO MOTOROLA AND NETFLIX TO GET MY NETFLIX APP FOR MY ATRIX. Everyone else gets their Netflix while we the Atrix owners gets left out

  8. Skype, netflix, flashlight app, evo 3d simply the best the REAL FLAGSHIP DEVICE FROM HTC….

  9. wheres the incredible 2 love? :(

  10. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but it keeps giving me an error after I scan the QR code… ‘There are no matches in Android Market for the search:’

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