Opera Mobile and Mini Get Bumped to Versions 11.1, 6.1, Respectively


The folks at Opera were busy updating their Android applications this morning, as well, as both of their Android browsers have been updated. Opera Mobile, the full-fledged client-side rendering browser, has been upgraded to version 11.1 and brings with it a lot of major changes, including Google Voice Search and autocomplete support, the ability to search from the URL bar, intelligent domain suggestions, experimental support for flash in Honeycomb and a whole lot more. The full list of changes and the free update can be had in the market here.

It’s Mini brother didn’t get left out of today’s round of updates as it has hit version 6.1. It adds a lot of the same features that mobile got in regards to search features and domain suggestions, but did bring with it a handful of enhancements that many of you may enjoy. The full list of changes and that free update can be had here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I love Opera….for my desktop browser. On Android, I’m happy with stock. That said, I have it installed on my phone just in case lol. It helps that it syncs all my stuff from PC. Every time I wipe my phone for a new ROM, I have to reset all my stuff in the stock browser

  2. Opera Mobile is the best browser on my Droid Incredible (much faster than stock), but it causes a low on space error every couple weeks, so I need to clear data and then do Opera Link to auto reinstall my bookmarks. Hope that they solved that issue….

  3. Hahah people still use that POS Opera “browser”? What a joke.

    1. Yeah dude. It use to be a bit lacking, but it’s pretty bad ass these days. Way more features than the stock browser and smooth as butta to boot!

  4. The HTC browser is crap. Love the stock browser on android and wish I could just install that. I tried all the alternative browsers and think Opera is the best for me. Quick question, what is the difference between mini and mobile?

    1. Mini sends yout data through Opera’s server then compresses it about 90% and sends it back to your device, its great for surfing on EDGE or on lower speeds, and saves data traffic if you dont have a data plan.
      Opera mobile doesnt.

      1. Thanks for the help. I ended up trying them both and preferred mini because the speed of page loads is incredible.

  5. Opera Mobile is still the ONLY browser I’ve seen with decent onscreen nav/mouse support. And it caches previous web pages for instantaneous previous page(s) loads.

    Yeah, I think I’ll come back to Opera for another look-see

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