Sony S1 Smiles for the Camera


When we directed your attention to a short video of the upcoming S2 tablet with Honeycomb, we overlooked Sony’s other Android tablet, the S1, which was also part of‘s hands-on. So here it is, looking mighty sexy if I do say so myself. If you were wondering how the curved stylings of the S1 tablet would translate to the final product, it looks like Sony managed to pull it off. It definitely evokes the look of a book or magazine folded open while maintaining some pretty sleek lines in a nice glossy, black package. The guys at were able to test out the Playstation classic Crash Bandicoot and had positive things to say concerning gaming on the device. Considered our interests piqued.


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  1. Damn…. This looks pretty sexy.

  2. its really hard to judge screen quality from a photo, but yeah, es mui seksi

  3. Much nicer than the S2. I would actually consider this one. I like the tapering of the device. It could be easier to hold, as well as tilt the screen towards you while you are watching video or typing on the screen with both hands.


  5. It’s from Sony.

    Why would I ever want to buy a product from Sony?

    Sony doesn’t understand basic property ownership concepts, such as the difference between mine and thine. Sony is a company that believes that when you buy a Sony product, they still own it and you do not. If you modify it (PS3, PSP, Aibo) they might sue you. Sony thinks it is okay to install a rootkit onto your PC when you insert a legally purchased music CD into your computer — because protecting their copyright is more important than protecting your computer.

    You may disagree about buying Sony products. Fine. But the things I stated are facts and a matter of record.

    1. what has that got to do with it right now? If you don’t like Sony keep it to yourself nobody want to hear cry like a baby…

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