Dual-Core Motorola MT870 Headed for China


Another variation on the dual-core theme is headed to China in the form of the Motorola MT870. It’s the second dual-core handset from Moto announced for the country, following the Milestone 3. That is where the similarities end (for the most part). The MT870 rocks an NVIDIA Tegra 2 clocked at 1GHz, a 4-inch qHD display, and 512MB of RAM, all specs that equate to a handset which more closesly resembles the Atrix 4G and Photon 4G rather than the TI OMAP-packing Milestone 3. There’s an 8MP camera on the rear and a VGA front-facing camera for video chatting. A monster 1880mAh battery should provide plenty of juice to keep the powerhouse handset pumping. As far as Android version goes, the phone is shipping with Gingerbread 2.3.3 and what appears to be a revised Motorola user interface on top. It doesn’t immediately remind us of any of the latest versions of BLUR.

The phone is headed for China Mobile and will be priced at something roughly equivalent to $700 US. It’s a far cry from some of the low-end phones we have seen released in the region in the past. Heck, we’d gladly take it on any carrier over here in the States as well.

[via IntoMobile]


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  1. That phone looks pretty sexy. Kind of looks like a Nexus One.

  2. Motorola has got to get rid of the qHD screens…they suck

    1. Motorola has got to get rid of MotoBlur lol!

    2. Can you be more specific? qHD is just the resolution, not the actual screen tech., and the qHD resolution is currently the best offering on the Android Market. So no… qHD doesn’t “suck”.

  3. My guess it’s a Baidu fork of Android.

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