[Update] Samsung Strikes Back, Seeks to Ban the Sale of Apple Products in the United States


Ok, this is just getting crazy. Apple fires at Samsung, Samsung fires at Apple, Apple fires back, Samsung fires back, so on and so forth. We get the drill. But this legal battle has just taken a very interesting turn – Samsung wants to ban the sale of certain Apple products here in the United States. That much is according to the Wall Street Journal, anyway. No comment was given by either party on the matter. For Samsung, it’s an interesting move in a case where it would appear that they are at a disadvantage with the overwhelming amount of evidence Apple’s presented against them. For Apple, Wall Street Journal claims that Samsung’s latest move may force them to end all of the foolishness in courts and just present Samsung with settlement details to get it all over with. Strange times ahead in this battle, folks.

[Update]: A bit more insight into the matter. Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung filed with the International Trade Commission a lawsuit that would seek to ban the import of Apple products. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be banned from store shelves, that’s essentially what would happen. Samsung filed another lawsuit in Delaware claiming that Apple is the kettle calling the pot black, stating to a federal court that “Apple has copied many of Samsung’s innovations in its Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad products.” Many industry experts believe Samsung’s goal is to cross-license technology with Apple to end this legal battle and avoid many more like it in the future.

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  1. Can they get that ban extended to Apple products the world over?

    1. i prefer the ban of apple junkies

      1. Agreed, the products aren’t bad (quite nice actually), it’s the users who refused to stop talking about how great they are who really bother me. And this is coming from a guy who has a Nexus One and an iPad.

        1. Its not that they keep talking about how great they are…..they act like nothing even comes close in comparison.

          And if you dont have an iPhone you are settling for something inferior…

          Thats my problem with them.

  2. When you actually sit back and look at this thing, it’s an absolute fucking charade isn’t it? Literally NO ONE wins from this bullshit.

    1. lawyers win.

      1. 99% of big corporations have their own in-house, well fed army of Lawyers on salaries. So really, nobody wins and the losers here are the consumers.

        1. Wrong. While every mid-size and larger corporation has a legal department, every single company farms out litigation of this substance. No in-house law department is going to take on this type of litigation. Morrison Foerster represents Apple in this Samsung battle. Quinn Emanuel represents Samsung.

          1. So it’s a win for the lawyers. Makes one wonder if the lawyers aren’t the ones behind the lawsuits anyway

          2. Hopefully they’ll be able to have some kind of amicable solution…they do make good products together.

        2. If that was the case, the Lawyers are getting paid anyways.. so really, no loss to the company to try. Lawyers keep busy, they may get lucky.. win/win for all.. except the loser. So. .. get lots of lawyers and don’t lose.

      2. ^^

  3. I think banning their products is a little too far. We still need apple for competition, its the reason why android is what it is today.

    1. As many others have said, I don’t think Samsung -actually- wants to ban Apple products. They make money off of them, after all. I think it’s more trying to teaching them a lesson that they can’t sue everyone willy-nilly without repercussions. Also, it potentially backs them into a corner and forces them to make a deal or drop their suit altogether.

      1. Yea…I see this as a tactic. Like Samsung wanting to see future Apple designs. That move might have been a good one on Samsung’s part, even tho the judge said they couldnt see them.

    2. I disagree. Banning Apple phones would be the quickest way to end this so that Apple could get their products un-banned as part of a settlement. Please remember that this nonsense is not over any technology, but over the visual appearance — both physical and software — of the competing devices. The Samsung devices that look similar were shown and later shipped during the same timeframe as the Apple devices. Building a rectangular phone with rounded corners with a large touch screen that displays an array of icons is not something that should be protected.

      1. like nokia hadnt had phones built like that for eons before?? lg as well…..this is the biggest waste of a time lawsuit….
        iphone looks like old nokia symbian touch screens….heck that description can even be used to describe old windows phones by htc and others…

        1. That’s true. The HTC HD Touch was out long before the iPhone. Prior art.

  4. I hope this ban happens. I don’t see it of course but if it did, even for a few months, it would teach Apple that they shouldn’t just go sueing everyone under the sun like arrogant jerks.

    1. Apple.. you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I never liked apple beginning with it’s faggy logo undermining Scripture.

      1. uh…
        it was apple who copied xerox
        it was apple who copied lg
        it was apple who copied nokia

        you prolly don’t know wtf im talking about which only means your’re a troll.

        1. or an apple fanboi

      2. wait scripture as in the Bible? Are you referring to the “fruit of the tree” from Genesis? Because in the Bible, it’s never mentioned that it’s an apple. The only reason people associate an apple with the fruit of the tree from Genesis is because the fruit is an apple in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Same thing for the snake.

    2. Competition is important to the industry, so I’d hate to see Apple products banned stateside. Now perhaps if Apple were to receive increased fees and legal costs for abusing the court system, we could all get back to making/enjoying the damned products.

  5. apple fans without apple products will be like people after taking a hit of salvia…. epic humor

    1. Salvia is gross…you can buy that legally but not weed…got stujpid

      1. what i said just went over you’re head. go to youtube and watch vids of ppl after Salvia, thats how iphone users will act if apple gets banned. its a sad world when jokes need to be explained.

  6. I hope they resolve this soon. I am already waiting in line for the iPhone 5

      1. I want to be one of the first to enjoy the iPhone 5 wonderfulness! It will be worth the long wait, the hot sun, holding my bladder so I don’t lose my place, the ridicule by those who don’t realize how great every thing Steve does…..Steve Jobs to you poor souls that can’t appreciate his greatness….

        1. After the ridiculous nonsense with the default HTC mail client not downloading Yahoo mail and it “suddenly fixing itself while disabling Launcher Pro and making Sense the default UI again”, the iPhone 5 could cause a stir if it comes to Sprint.

  7. Ban Apple product!!! Samsung doing so would be a dream for many of us, especially mine and will most likely teach Apple to stop suing anyone under the mobile market. I know it’ll be bad for consumers but something has to be done to teach Apple and their follower a lesson!

    Long Live Android!!

  8. I owned a $200 samsung from 2006-2008, it was a tiny screen small font flip phone and I was charged 2.50 for one ring tone. Obviously Apple making the touch screen gesture improvements and app store affected how samsung makes their phones. Forget CEO’s, what about the hard working apple engineer paying school loans who worked on the technical details for the app store, the touch screen gestures, debugged the new touch based OS for months? Patent trolls deserve nothing but worthy patent owners do deserve compensation. Samsung has a lot of great engineers too, they just need to tally up what patents are involved where, and decide the licensing fees.

  9. The only ones that win are Samsung. How better to boost the popularity of your product then to nudge it right up next to the big guy. In the consumers mind, because of this lawsuit, they believe that Samsung must be just as good or almost as good as Apple. And for the price difference, they will probably give Samsung a try. Very smart Samsung…very smart. I am still sticking with my phone (Motorola) but even then, this sort of thing makes even the extremely conscious buyers take a closer look. Samsung +1. All others take notice.

  10. remember that Simpson’s episode where Lionel Huts (?) asks them to imagine a world without lawyers? ….

    that aside, I’d have a field day if that happens … I know so many Apple fanboys and to just point at them and laugh … oh how nice that would be

    … back to reality now … both companies are being asinine and neither has a real claim, but try telling that to the leeches … I mean … lawyers!

  11. Apple would better tries to make their products better, then just being parasites on the licensing look and feel… We already pay Microsoft 5$ for each HTC device and what M$ did for that? Hired dozen of layers?

  12. Go AT&T take over T-Mobile

  13. I’m taking a closer look at Samsung. The only thing keeping me from a Nexus S right now is that I’m not due for an upgrade yet. Not at least until my anniversary of one year of service in December.

  14. “We did it for the lulz” – Samsung

  15. Samsung FTW. If this goes through, i hope Apple will learn a lesson

  16. Android dorks are like religious zealots who resort to logical fallacies to prove their religion is better. IOS is a much more mature and stable platform than Android and therefore does everything better than any Android phone. And most loosers
    buy an Android just because it is cheaper and no other reason. Besides isn’t
    Andriod just an illegal piracy of Linux and Java and Iphone UI? People who really care about open source should hate Android just for the reason that it steals credit from Linux and Java communities. Google feeds its Andriod zombies with open source Kool aid,making them believe Andriod is not open source movement while it continues to cash big Advertising revenue. While Apple sells products to its customers google sells its customers to products.

    Google fans make no mention of the fact that google remotely reads users mail and
    serves up ads that are correlated to the content. Like that? I don’t. But then as Google’s Eric Schmidt put it, if you have nothing to hide, why are you averse to having your personal files read by all and sundry? Had someone asked Schmidt if he was willing to sleep with his partner in public, he probably would have backed down – but then the Google faithful only stand in awe when such pronouncements are made. For them, Google can do no wrong. Even when it sends Google Street cars
    to steal personal information from unsuspecting wifi users.

    Actually the only people who love Andriod are those who love to steal music and
    applications and find it difficult to do that on IOS and therefore complain that it is a closed platform. Apple promotes innovation and rewards its innovative developers, who have made billions while Andriod developers make next to nothing.

    Andriod is a platform by the thieves, of the thieves and for the thieves.

    1. Obvious troll is obvious.

      Do Not Feed The Troll.
      Thank you,
      -Park Management

    2. tl:dr

      “Blah blah blah give me attention! Blah blah blah flame!”

      I’m sure that’s what it says for anyone remotely interested.

    3. Do all pathetic fanboys not know how to spell “losers”? Lol stopped reading after that that.
      If you’re gojing to flame at least get your spelling and grammar checked…you lose all credibility, embarrassing.

    4. You say Android users are “religious zealots”? Well, there is no proof of that, but there is a proven study done that Apple causes the parts of the brain that deal with religion to be activated, thus Apple fans are actually the religious zealots.

      Read here:
      and here:

      Have a good day with your Lord and Saviour Steve Jobs.

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