ViewSonic gTablet $249.99 Today at Woot


The ViewSonic gTablet is once more Woot’s deal of the day, priced lower than ever at $249.99. Actually, the deal comes courtesy of sellout.woot, a secondary deals site designed to offer even more opportunities to save on things you may or may not need. The 10.1-inch gTablet is beginning to show its age in the new era of Honeycomb tablets. It rocks Android 2.2, a 1GHz processor, and 16GB of storage. Want in on the deal? Follow the source link below.

[via sellout.woot]

Kevin Krause
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  1. This is probably the most developed tablet around. I had one for some time and it was almost impossible to brick the device. XDA has ROMS and tons of options for this device. I used ROBEETS “Smoke in a bottle” Honeycomb OS. Such a good tablet to play on.

  2. I have to vote a “YES” on this tablet.  For $250, you get a Nook Color on steroids.  Bluetooth, full USB port, well developed ROM’s (Cyanogen, VegaN, TnT, HoneyComb, et al), lot’s of storage, and lot’s of expand-ability.  The sole weak point:  The screen.  But at $250, it’s a steal.

    1. Same here. I have mine running G-Harmony 2.5 (GB 2.3.4) and it is so fast and stable. Had it on a 2.2 based rom before that and it was fine also. Now if only they would release the source code for a tablet version of the OS. This thing will have it ported with a quickness.  Kevin Krause forgot to mention that it’s a dual core 1GHz processor and minus a few shortcomings is on par with some of the newer honeycomb tablets out there when talking about ram and processor anyway.

      edit: Oh and it can be overclocked to 1.4 GHz no problem.

  3. I paid > $400 for my G-Tablet and don’t regret it at all.  I’d do it again, it’s a great tablet and the screen really isn’t as bad as many complain.

    1. Well, I wouldn’t pay $400 again if I had the option of $250 :D…

      I just wish there were more cases and accessories for it. The only ones I do find are $50+.

      1. has cases for less than 50. There is a decent folio case that is like 33 bucks. The FUSE. I got the CLIP and paid too much for it. Of course the FUSE case comes out a few days later and it leaves access to the USB port.

  4. too bad they don’t ship outside the US =[

  5. tiger has it for 299, this is not such an amazing deal. 

  6. The gTablet is fun to mess with but I really hate the design (or lack thereof) that goes into its charging system. It’s bad enough that it isn’t USB-chargeable, but then they went and put the charging port right under where you’re most likely to hold it while using it. Pretty silly.

    It’s a pretty nice piece of hardware otherwise, though. The first thing I did with it was install CM7 on it, and there’s plenty of even-better firmware for it too (although I stopped playing with it when I got my free Google I/O Tab which is a much better device but for the price, hell yeah the gTablet is great).

  7. Crap, don’t buy it. No service, no support. HoneyComb and CM07 (Gingerbread) has no HD drivers. Android is a mess. Google doesn’t care, Nvidia doesn’t care and Viewsonic doesn’t support the tablet. Better get an Ipad. I will sell the 2 I have and buy an Ipad. I really hate Android and Viewsonic. Worst experience in my life with a tablet. Lots of problems like sleep death, wi-fi connections, etc…

    1. yeah, go drink the kool aid.

    2. How much are you going to sell them for? Can you email me [email protected]

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