ViewSonic gTablet Is Today’s Deal, Only $279.99


It might not be running Android 3.0 Honeycomb, but for $279.99 you would be a fool to pass up today’s deal over at Woot. The ViewSonic gTablet running Android 2.2 and featuring a 1GHz processor, 10.1-inch screen, and 16GB of on-board storage offers, for the day at least, another alternative for a cheap Android tablet that gives the rooted and modded NOOKcolor a run for it’s money. Another device that has received much love from the development community, the gTablet might be no Motorola XOOM, but for this price, who is complaining?

[via Woot | Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  1. Actually, with a 10.1″ screen, a Tegra 2 processor, a webcam, and 512MB of RAM, this sucker is nearly as powerful as the XOOM.

    Sure, it’s missing the rear camera, but that’s what I use my phone for. And who uses the Barometer?

    Root it, Internet Tether it, GPS Share it, and upgrade to Honeycomb when that comes out (and it will come out), and this thing will give the XOOM a run for its money at half the price point.

    I’ll grant the skeptics that the screen is less desirable and slightly lower res than the XOOM’s, but those are trade-offs I’m willing to give.

  2. I have one of these and after loading xda software it is a usable device. Not great, just usable. I use mine for browsing while watching tv.

    + Price
    + Speed
    + XDA support

    – The screen is bad, the viewing angle is horrible, a couple of degrees at best.
    – Stock software is garbage, you have to replace it.
    – Even after replacing the software getting the full market to work requires a little bit of magic.
    – The hardware menu buttons don’t light up so using in the dark is difficult.

  3. Wow! Been waiting for cheap tabletw/decent specs, Might have to get this if they ship to Hawaii

  4. Do they ship to Europe?

  5. I do not need a tablet…i do need a tablet. I do not want a tablet…i do not need a tablet…i am so getting a tablet.

  6. Got one – got gingerbread on it. 279 is a good price. I paid 360.

  7. For what I would be using a tablet for, this is very, VERY tempting. Hmm. Very. Tempting.

  8. I should note that awesomeness for this table only comes to those who root and ROM.

    Otherwise, stay away, as it will be akward and slow (due to ViewSonic’s horrible custom OS).

  9. Heck, the gTablet has been out for well over 6 months and has the same, if not better specs…

  10. OK, my bad….I thought they were talking about the viewtab….

  11. Don’t buy this. I owned one and the screen is terrible. If youre not looking right at the screen you literally cannot see it. For a company that is known for their displays why did they use 1998 LCD technology for this device?

    Wait for a real pad otherwise you’ll be pissed. However you could buy some of these and sell them on ebay and make some cash. Hhhmmm

  12. @Kevin couldn’t have said it better myself. Picked one up back in November and still loving the shi*t out of it! The Tegra2 really packs a punch!

  13. @deathbysnoosnoo

    1:Buy GTab Cheap
    2:Sell GTab Expensive
    3: Profit$$$

  14. ordered one… toy, just for kicks

  15. Sounds like a better deal than my nook.

  16. I bought it like a month ago for around $400. DAMN,.
    I still love it though. Can’t wait for Honeycomb.

  17. BTW, why is it only expandable up to 32 GB? Can’t I get a 32 GB microsd and get 48 GB out of it?

  18. I got one.. Was looking to get one at officedepot but after this sale today grabbed it.. Perfect for what I want it for (will root).. Videos, web, email.. I have a droid inc so I can take pics with that and send it to my gtab. As far a screen angles I like the fact that I have to be right in front of it.. It will keep people from looking at what I am doing at work, coffee shop, etc…

  19. Be careful. The specs do sound great, but after owning it for a couple weeks, I found the gTablet to be completely worthless. Just my two cents.

  20. Man skip the negative comments its worth it trust me I’m using it to post here check out the youtube videos .

  21. Not just any 1Ghz processor but a dual core Tegra 2 like the Xoom. As soon as Honeycomb gets ported over this will be a very nice bargain tablet.

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