Is the Followup to the Motorola XPRT already in Development for Sprint?


The Motorola XPRT has only aged a couple of months since its launch on Sprint, but it looks like its followup may already be under development. A new Motorola handset in the same QWERTY candybar style as the XPRT has been spied, looking more BlackBerry-esque than ever with a curvier design. Little else is known about the handset, which is said to run Android 2.3 and potentially sport a WiMAX radio. The lone image comes with no estimated release or price point, though we may speculate that this new handset could be targeted at a different price range than the XPRT if it were to launch sooner rather than later.

[via BGR]

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  1. why!!!!!?

  2. looks like a portraitslider doesn’t it?

    1. may the smartphone gods hear you, i really want a portrait slider :)

  3. I don’t get why so many people like the blackberry style. It’s ugly and you get a tiny screen.

    1. some prefer an exposed  physical keyboard (myself included)- to each his own. 

      different strokes for different folks. 

  4. If it was like AT&T’s Blackberry Torch, that would actually be a very cool android phone.  Especially if the hardware is anything near the quality of RIM hardware.

  5. My question is does Verizon have any GINGERBREAD DEVICES or are they just worried about that battery draining network. Sprint has BLOWN PAST THEM…

    1. What does VZW having any 2.3 devices have to do with this Sprint phone? Nothing. Stay on topic, dude.

    2. HAHAHAHAHA what an uneducated moron! For your very special information of the day, Verizon has at least 3 devices running Gingerbread: the Droid Incredible at 2.3.3, the Droid X at 2.3.3, and the Xperia Play at 2.3.3. And apparently the Thunderbolt is also getting Gingerbread (2.3.4) in the next few days if the rumors hold true. Not to mention all the unofficial 2.3 ROMs out there for various devices (OG Droid, Droid 2). Take your ignorant comments somewhere else. They are not wanted in the least.
      Also, you’re always telling other people to “stay on topic” or some other BS like that. Why don’t you do the same? This is an article related to Sprint only, yet here you are bringing Verizon crap into it. Such a hypocrite.

      1. Didn’t the DInc 2 ship w/ GB?

        1. Nope. It was released with Froyo. https://phandroid.com/2011/05/03/htc-droid-incredible-2-review/ From what I could tell, all other countries that the phone was released in (with the “Incredible S” moniker) got 2.3 already. Verizon has yet to put out an update. From the info that I could find anyway…

  6. Isn’t this the Titanium, previously announced with the XPRT but not yet released?

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