Free Virtual Tours From the Getty Museum Using Google Goggles


For all you museum and art buffs out there, Google is partnering with the Getty Museum in Los Angeles to provide virtual tours using nothing more than their Google Goggles app. The way it works is simple. Take a photo of the paintings in the museam and Google Goggle’s will pull the necessary information from the Getty’s mobile site. From there you can read all about the artwork in question and even listen to commentaries from the artists and curators. Nifty stuff.

While, normally Google Goggles allows for identifying book covers to landmarks, its nice to see a more educational approach like this. Equally cool is even when you’re outside of the museum and you come across art in a book or advertisement, you can snap a pic and Google Goggle’s will provide you with even more info. Who says all apps have to be about soundboards and fart noises anyway?

[Via GoogleBlog]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Will have to see if this is even on the radar at work or not.

  2. Last time I went to the Ghetty I tried taking some pictures w/ my phone of some Da vince prints and I was immediately told to stop. 

  3. haha this will make up for all the times i missed out on field trips there because of my F’s. sorry high school, no eras para mi

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