Angry Birds conjuring up some ‘Magic’ with NFC and Location Awareness


As if you thought Angry Birds could ever give you a reason to put down your mobile phone, Rovio has revealed plans to implement new “Magic” gameplay elements that will have you stopping to play Angry Birds more than ever. The new system will come as a future update to all versions of Angry Birds and will use NFC and location-awareness technology to unlock new content such as levels and items.

The NFC portion is simple. Bump your phone with a friend’s to reveal new content or share levels items. The location-based gameplay is where things have a potential to get pretty interesting. “Magic locations” will be designated, and each of these locations will introduce a new gameplay element while you are in their vicinity. Rovio is starting out with their Mighty Eagle. They will virtually dispatch the eagle to various locations, and when you arrive you might just find the big bird ready to soar. It’s a pretty cool concept that seeks to add value to the actual mobility of a game. Not only can you take Angry Birds wherever you go, but where you go will change gameplay. Look for the feature in future Angry Birds updates.

[via Droid Gamers]

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  1. Officer: Why did you lose control of your vehicle, where you TXTing and driving?

    Person: No sir, I just so happened to be in the right location for the big bird to pop up, I had to play Angry Birds before it disappeared again.

  2. These features seem like something i would never use, unless i was randomly in a location where i could use them. But overall it seems pretty boring and pointless.

    1. Would have to agree. I doodle on my phone because I happen to be in places where I don’t have anything better to do. I don’t go to places I have nothing better to do just to doodle on my phone.

      1. i would think that they’d deploy it in places that people would be in already – shopping malls, movie theaters (before the movie only!), etc . . . i work for a marketing firm and i can already see a lot of great applications of this :-)

  3. What if you don’t have a NFC in yor phone? I have the epic by smasung, and it doesn’t have NFC.

    1. Time for a new phone?
      Thats how they make money

  4. this sounds like a really cool concept though also frustrating to lazy ppl as you would have to go somewhere to find this magic location content

  5. Not that I care much for AB anymore, but perhaps PopCap could take a clue from Rovio. Not only did it not take Rovio eons to port their game over, they’re also continuously adding new stuff to it.

    1. No! It’s because the Android platform sucks, not because the developers suck!

  6. So with all of the fancy sensor, the result of this innovation is another mode for a game to kill time.

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