Verizon Rep Says 3G Users Will Be Able to Upgrade to 4G Phones After July 7th and Keep Unlimited Data


The picture is getting ever clearer as we inch toward the supposed D-Day for unlimited data. This time, a Verizon rep on their support account on Twitter has said that users will be able to upgrade to new phones after the tiered data change is made and still be able to keep their unlimited data package. The user asked the following question:

“Will unlimited 3G data customers be grandfathered into unlimited 4g data if we upgrade to a 4g phone after July 7th?”

And received the following response:

“Existing Smartphone custs can keep unlimited data pricing when upgrading to another Smartphone.”

Just like dealing with reps for anything else, you have to take this claim with a grain of salt as they’re often misunderstood or they often misunderstand the original question. The specific question asked about being grandfathered in after a switch from a 3G only phone to a 4G phone, which is a very good question. There may exist some clause in the customers’ contracts that would allow Verizon to force you into a new plan when upgrading to a phone with different data funcitonality.

I’m not saying this is the case, but it’s possible. We’re trying to get a clearer answer from our friends at Big Red and will be report back if we hear anything different. In the meantime, it doesn’t look like we have much to worry about in the way of grandfather concerns. [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I hope to GOD ATT does that same thing

    1. hahahahaha!!! Don’t make me laugh.

  2. Um… he didn’t specifically say “3G to 3G/4G upgrades will still have unlimited data”. That statement is a very gray one… 3G unlimited customers may only be able to upgrade to a 3G device to keep unlimited data.

    Unfortunately, everyone is reading between the lines because they don’t want to believe that Verizon would pull that kind of dick move. In reality, they still very well could and this rep’s statement would still hold true.

    1. And that’s why I’ve already emailed a Verizon rep for comment.

      1. Any news?

    2. I’d have to agree. Although everything seems to indicate that VZW will honor unlimited for anyone switching to a 4G phone after the cutoff, I’ll believe it when I see it.

      1. Thats why I got a 4g phone off contract and saved my upgrade for the bionic/gs2 and wouldnt get shafted by being on a 3g phone trying to go to 4g

    3. I agree, this doesn’t mean a thing, VERIZON: “Existing Smartphone customers can keep unlimited data pricing when upgrading to another Smartphone.”
      What this sounds to me is that, sure you can keep unlimited date (3g) and upgrade to another phone, provided its 3g!!!!!!
      Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they said you can upgrade to a 4g phone, but limit you to unlimited 3g data. Theres only a few more days till 7/7, Verizon better clear this up ASAP

  3. verizon customers with altell plans are still verizon CUSTOMERS… correct? we will also be grandfathered it?

    1. Alltel doesn’t exist anymore, so you are Verizon customers.

  4. Ok, I just got off the phone with a *611 rep. she told me the following:
    – The “leaked” documents aren’t real, nor correct with what’s coming.
    – I will NOT be able to keep my unlimited when I upgrade.
    — According to her, my data plan is activated, and locked to my Droid X. If I switch phones, then I get a new data plan.
    — Buying a new phone off contract, straight out $700 worth, will still lose unlimited data because, again, my current plan is ” activated, and locked to my phone, NOT my account”.

    Now, again, this is the 30th different answer in the past few days, so believe what you will……

    1. That’s odd because I just got off the phone with a *611 rep who said that yes I can switch from a 3g phone to a 4g phone after the 7th, the phones that would loose the unlimited would be blackberry’s because they have a different plan then android phones.

      1. yeah dude, I feel like I can call back, and get yet another answer so….. Wtf ever… We will see, lol…

    2. I called VZW twice over the weekend. The first, regular CSR told me the same thing.

      The second time, I said I wanted to cancel my account so I could get to someone who knows what they are talking about (these are the people at VZW I usually get right answers from) and he said that I would be able to keep my unlimited plan even when switching phones. New lines or new accounts would have to play by the new rules. 

      I tend to believe the second guy because, again, the retention reps seem to know the most. I called them a few months ago about my annual upgrade and spoke to a half dozen people who all claimed to have no idea what I was talking about. When I called to cancel my account (on the grounds that they were not allowing me an annual upgrade as per the tems of my contract) the retention rep said of course I can use my annual upgrade and apologized that none of the other reps knew that. 

      Be interesting to see if there’s a retraction from VZW today. I would like to have a little notice if I have to buy a new phone now to keep my unlimited for two more years. 

    3. Thats funny cause just got off the phone with a verizon rep and he told me as of right now if your locked in to unlimited data you can keep that same plan even when upgrading to a 4g phone. 3g and 4g have the same data plan.

      1. Thats what they told me too in an email so when the bionic comes and I go to get it I am taking that in if they try to give me any issues. Glad I bought a 4g phone off contract so if they do try and not let you go from 3g to 4g I am alright.

  5. Hopefully it is true, and hopefully the next Nexus comes to Verizon. 

    1. hopefully it isnt samsung :(

      1. hopefully it isn’t a cheap build

  6. I am a lucky on with $10 unlimited data, not much chance I can get a bionic and keep that price right? AT very least I hope I can go from a x to a x2 without a change

  7. You can’t put too much stock in these kind of Tweets anymore…

    1. That is right. As long as you don’t have it in writing and signed by a C level dude at Verizon, they can make up any excuse to the contrary.

  8. It’s likely impossible for any Verizon rep to make a blanket statement that will hold true for all customers – especially in 140 characters or less.  That’s why we have contracts, with lots of words and fine print.  The idea that a Blackberry user wouldn’t be grandfathered when switching to a non-Blackberry sort of makes sense.

    The statement/response is what it is, and reading anything else into it is pointless.

  9. I asked a rep this exact question when I bought my Incredible 2. He said I would not be able to keep unlimited data if I switched data types.

  10. Yeah, but the real question is if you will be grandfathered in forever like AT&T did for existing customers. I gave up my iPhone unlimited plan when I jumped ship to get my droid x. I’d be terribly disappointed if the grandfather clause lasts for only one upgrade.

    My wife was able to keep her unlimited plan on AT&T her last update when she upgraded her iPhone to an atrix. At that time I tripple checked and they said as long as she stays with them she will always be grandfathered in.

  11. Seriously??? A VZW rep is the source of this info?  I’m thinking I’d get more reliable info from rolling a bum downtown.

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