Samsung Finally Bringing an Android-Based Slider for Verizon?


Verizon has enjoyed phones with hardware keyboards from a plethora of OEMs, but one manufacturer who has been oddly absent from the fold is Samsung. It looks like all that is set to change, though, as a QWERTY-enabled device for VZW. It’s being likened to their version of the Samsung Epic 4G, but no word on whether or not it’ll have LTE has yet to be given.

The keyboard certainly looks similar save for the red accents that’s reminiscent of their brand. We also expect at least a Super AMOLED display and a 1GHz Hummingbird processor. Its model number is i405, meaning it should certainly be classified as a Galaxy S phone as that is a step above the Continuum’s model number, i400. The device is expected to make its way to Verizon late summer or early fall. [PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. WTF, I dont’ want this shit. I want a Galaxy S2. A real man’s phone. 

    1. Real men use real keyboards.  Virtual keyboards are for, well, you do the math.

      1. dumb and lame comment

  2. How about the galasy s2 keyboard version for Europe sammY?

  3. If it’s an Epic 4G equivalent, what’s the point in releasing it now? It would be year-old smartphone tech. Unless it has some updated hardware, this phone is a waste of time. While I’d be glad to see some more qwerty choices come to VZW, the old hardware in this will make it a non-starter, and be more amo for Verizon’s argument that users don’t want qwerty’s (truth is that users don’t want crappy or old qwerty’s.) 

    Also, to the author, was this line – “Verizon has enjoyed phones with hardware keyboards from a plethora of OEMs” – supposed to be a joke? Verizon’s lineup of qwerty-Androids consists of the Droid/D2 and Devour from Motorola and the LG Ally; not exactly a plethora of phones, let alone a plethora of OEMs. Compared to Sprint and T-Mobile, Verizon’s qwerty choices are pretty dismal.

    1. Probably more likely the Epic 2 equivalent

  4. i’m over the blurry pics…

  5. Meh, QWERTY is overrated.

  6. If it’s a Verizon plan, it’s gotta be 3G. There’s no way Verizon would do something that people want, like release a 4G Android slider.

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