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We’ve caught wind of some good deals for you folks to take advantage of. The DROID Incredible 2 is getting extremely affordable when buying from any place other than Verizon. We’re seeing it for free on Amazon for new customers, $50 for existing customers on an individual line and $100 for existing customers on a family plan. Wirefly also has it for free if you’re a newbie or if you’re upgrading. Letstalk also has it for free. Find links to all these and more over at

Quentyn Kennemer
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Verizon Rep Says 3G Users Will Be Able to Upgrade to 4G Phones After July 7th and Keep Unlimited Data

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  1. So if I’m a new customer and Verizon’s new tiered data plans go in effect on 7/7 and I really want a Droid BIONIC…do I pick this up now and resell later?  Thoughts?

    1.  Probably a safe bet.  You will get around $200 for it used (a wild guess), so would probably pay around $250-300 for the bionic (if it comes out, and is somehow better than the Galaxy SII)

  2. So tempting, but, must, wait, for, LTE.

  3. $79.99 at Costco for a renewal of a secondary line on a family plan. Also if go to CNet reviews view the Incred 2 and click on the link to Wirefly it will give it to you for $79.99 on a secondary line as well.

  4. wife got this phone about 3 weeks ago. AWESOME phone!  I’m waiting for the superdoooper sgsii

  5. Im not eligible for upgrade for a year but can I get this from wirefly or amazon for atransformers low price and extend my contract another 2 years? Really want it have a DROID x but its bleeding screen would rather get ne phone for 70bux then pay 50 for mew dx

  6. Buy a smart phone with unlimited sata then u have two weeks to see if hasnt come out then go with a phone u already have

  7. Buy a smartphone with unlimited data before 7/7 an then if the bionic still hasnt come out in this time pick a smart phone that is already out there for verizon

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