Jun 27th, 2011

PCMag has taken it upon themselves to conduct a mobile speed test for their “Fastest Mobile Networks” story they like to run every year. They gathered mobile data from 21 cities across the country and upon pooling the data, found Verizon taking the #1 spot for fastest mobile network. This no doubt has to do with their blazing fast 4G LTE network they began rolling out earlier this year. While this may no doubt comes as a surprise to anyone (LTE is often faster than a lot of home internet connections), it was interesting to see AT&T taking the top spot for over “rural coverage” offering fast 3G speeds for those in little towns and cities throughout the U.S.

It’s like I always say, the only thing really holding back the “speed” of our phones right now is the network they’re connected to. I’m sure Verizon is gloating at these results right now but I can’t help wonder how dramatically these numbers will change once the AT&T-Mobile merger finally goes into effect.

[Via PCMag]


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