Jun 27th, 2011

I may have got word of this a little late in the game but apparently Toshiba has been running a promotional campaign for their upcoming Toshiba Thrive Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet. Basically, they’re giving away some of their tablets for free when you complete various “missions” on their site.

First mission was to “Like” your favorite new feature of their tablet. Mission 2 involved picking your favorite color for the tablet. Mission 3, from what I could tell, was dressing up as a robot and showing up in front of Universal Studios, Hollywood. Now, for their current mission, you have to watch a special unboxing video for the tablet and once the video reaches 10,000 views, it will unlock a special code you can then redeem on their site for a chance to take home your very own Toshiba Thrive.

I love it when manufacturers have fun contests like these that, not only get people buzzing but give them free stuff for their efforts. And I’m all for free stuff. Let us know if you guys win anything!

[Via TheToshibaTablet]

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