Jun 27th, 2011

I’ve always thought it funny when Android fanboy’s compare the sales and market share of every Android device to a single Apple device. But factoring every single Android device on the market might not always skew results in Android’s favor. Take this recent survey for example.

A British telecom consulting firm, WDS, tracked around 600,000 support calls over a 12 month period and found that 14% of support calls dealing with Android handsets dealt specifically with hardware issues. By contrast, Windows Phone 7 had a 9% failure rate followed by 8% for the iPhone and only 3.7% for Blackberry’s. Talk to just about any Android user and they will be able to tell you of at least 1 (or more) cases where they had to deal with a hardware defect on one of their Android devices. It kind of comes with the turf.

The sheer scope of Android manufacturers from all around the world is no doubt playing in a role in these failure rates and fanboys will no doubt make this a point. What would be interesting to see is the amount of support calls dealing with specific OEM’s. But same goes when comparing any kind of Android market share to the iPhone — I always like to see how one specific device is selling when compared the Apple’s handset. Fair is fair, right?

Do you guys feel like the openness of Android is helping or hurting the user experience? Especially when considering the amount of devices released with sub-par/junkie hardware? Which device manufacturer do you stand behind as having above standard materials and overall hardware/build quality?

[Via ConsumerAffairs]

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