Low-Cost Andy Pad Gets Caught on Camera, Andy Pad Pro Confirmed


The folks at Andy Pad recently held a private event for their self-titled Andy Pad tablet, but as all things go no secrets have gone unspoiled. Not only did a shot of the all-white 7-inch slate emerge from the event, but details on pricing of not one, but two models featuring varying storage configurations. An 8GB version of the Andy Pad will retail for £129, while a 16GB version will sell for £169. That translates to about $200 and $270 respectively.

It was also confirmed that an Andy Pad Pro will see a release featuring upgraded hardware across the board The standard Andy Pad’s resistive touchscreen is traded for a capacitive display and the Pro also earns front and rear-facing cameras. No price was revealed for the Andy Pad Pro.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Don’t see them selling many resistive ones. With only 256MB RAM it’s going to struggle against the budget Chinese options.

    1. It’s got 512mb RAM, not 256

  2. Best value I’ve seen so far for a UK capacitive tab is the tabtech m7 off amazon. It’s £165, and currently has a lot of forum support over on slatedroid. Big minus for me is that it looks like a big iPhone. Big turn off.
    Now if this £129 model has a capacitive screen, hdmi out and is rootable, then they are going to have problem keeping it on the shelves! Probably wishful thinking there though.

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