Chinese Search Giant Baidu Using Android as Base for Its Own Mobile OS?


A new rumor has crept out of China that could see Google’s biggest Chinese search competitor, Baidu, stepping into the mobile OS business. That wouldn’t such a shocker save for one detail: the rumor goes on to state that the new OS being developed by Baidu could be based on Android’s open-source code. The new OS is said to be going by the name Qiushi, though the Chinese tech company claims that name is actually being used for an under-development mobile ad service. It isn’t a flat-out denial that a mobile OS is in development, however.

If the rumors pans out, Google would essentially be competing against a modified version of their own operating system in a battle to win valuable share of the growing Chinese smartphone market. Word is Baidu’s OS could be out by year’s end.

[via BusinessInsider]

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  1. Well, they copied google’s search why not copy their mobile OS?

  2. And it will include all the government sponsored “features” for tracking/monitoring

  3. Stupid chinese can’t come up with anything on their own.  I thought those people were supposed to be smart.

    1. no, they are disciplined to listen, and copy very well. 

    2. So why is it that I can’t go into a store and buy any electronic device, piece of clothing, or appliance that wasn’t made in China.  Why did we all become unemployed while they took our jobs?   The Chinese are kicking our white a**es

      1. That has more to do with cheap labor than smarts.

        1. So all unemployed working-class Americans are fucking geniuses are they?

          1. Nope. But getting paid less than a dollar a day doesn’t make you smart. The reason why everything is made in China is because it is cheaper to make in China. I am not saying that Chinese people aren’t smart, what I am saying is that everything would be made is Africa/India/South America if these respective countries could figure out how to make it cheap enough.

      2. Putting a high tariff on Chinese goods would make their whole country fall,AND THUS THE GLOBAL ECONOMY WILL FALL TOO!!! MUAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!

  4. Does this actually surprise anyone?

  5. Chinese already forked Android, few yers ago, with official carrier support, it was called OPhone. However it never get any traction and seem almost abandoned nowaday.

  6. Why not? The Chinese bootleg (see steal and create an inferior copy) EVERYTHING else.

  7. Baidu is a company that has shown no qualms in crossing ethical lines when conducting its business. They stole google’s search results and used them as their own before. The founder has questionable character. Baidu stealing Google’s OS is not surprising at all

    1. its a chinese puppet company, only reason it does well at all. overall who cares, the chinese market is an illusion.

  8. Good for them, maybe it will google to actually invest in a UI team

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