Angry EVO 3D Users: HTC Is Diligently Working On Unlocked Bootloader Update


Say what you will about the Android community, but when it comes to some users, they sure like to whine. Take these new Evo 3D and Sensation users who, once again, took to HTC’s Facebook page demanding and making all kinds of threats for HTC to make good on their “unlocked bootloader promise.” What really irks me is that these people haven’t even had their device for more than a few days and rather than celebrate, they’re ready to make good on their 30 day return window.

Rather than keep quiet, HTC actually provided a response to one lucky Facebook user stating,

We are diligently working to ensure that we do this right. When everything is finalized, we will make an announcement on Facebook. Thanks for your patience.

I should note that HTC never specifically mentioned anything about the Sensation and Evo 3D in their unlocked bootloader “future device” plans. Both these devices were pretty much all shipped and ready for retailers once the announcement was made and would have cause a huge delay (and further uproar) for both these devices if sent back for unlocking. But I suppose some people are never happy and no matter what, always feel entitled to things. Keep in mind, although the unlocking process seems easy enough, I’m sure there is a chain of command that most likely involves running all the in’s and out’s of the update by the carriers first. Also, I would much rather HTC focus on prompt OTA’s involving better battery life and bug fixes for the time being.

But while the rest of the world is complaining, I will continue to wait patiently for the update all the while enjoying and showing off my new Evo 3D to the world. Take your time HTC, work on bug fixes and I appreciate your new stance towards unlocked bootloaders. For the time being, the fact that you’re working on it, is good enough for me.

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Great stance on this story. I’m continually impressed by Phandroid.

    1. If you think that’s great, I’d bet you’d be even more impressed by “Facts”!

  2. Peter Chou, the ceo of HTC did confirm that the Evo 3D would be included in the new bootloader policy. Many including myself emailed him after the facebook announcement, asking if the Evo 3D would be included and he said yes. Same should go with the Sensation as well. I have no problem patiently waiting for this though….as long as I get root eventually I’ll be ok.

    1. And I think the problem is ppl arent patient. After all uproar over the Motorola bootloader issue, it just died down and things went back to normal.

      Then out of no where…the Atrix’s bootloader is unlocked.

      I think ppl just need to be patient on this one. Did the CEO even say WHEN it would be unlocked? I havent been following this too much.

      If he gave no firm date or timeline, what the problem?

      1. He gave nothing besides “his word” that it would be unlocked. The recent vague FB comment only infuriated users because everyone has been calm and collected since the initial interaction and has been deadly quiet since. Just has people worried, I’d say.

    2. How long are you willing to wait?  In the world of Android, faster and more feature packed handsets are released on, what seems to be a, weekly bases.   So if the wait is a few months, the Devs will move on to a better or comparable device and the Evo 3D/Sensation will be lost.   Look at Moto’s Atrix.  At the time of release it was a great phone, but everyone knew the bootloader was locked.  Look at the Dev support for it and with the terrible sales, Moto has gotten smart and we now know they are unlocking the bootloader.   Still it looks too late for the Atrix….

      If there isn’t info on how quickly the Evo 3D will have it’s bootloader unlocked … I’m talking by the end of July, you’ll see people return the phone and development support start to disappear….  Especially knowing the Galaxy S II is just around the corner….

      HTC needs to do something yesterday!!

    3. Welcome to today’s society, they act like a bunch of 3 yr old children throwing tantrums when they don’t get what they want RIGHT NOW! I wonder how these types get along in life with such attitudes. HTC said unlocked bootloaders are their new policy but they didn’t say exactly when.  

      Chris hits the nail on the head as to what’s going on here and how difficult it would be logistically to launch these devices with unlocked firmware.  I myself acknowledge and am enjoying the benefits of an unlocked bootloader on my device but if I had just purchased a new top of the line device and had to wait a bit to make sure it’s done right, I am not such a big baby as to act like this.  I would gladly wait for HTC to make sure that the unlocked firmware is relatively free of bugs.The same people whining about returning their phones are the some ones who would bitch if HTC put it out too soon with bugs and then scream about returning them.  

  3. Bootloader’s more important

  4. A few things Chris:

    1. Announcement was made on 27th May. First Evo 3D’s were shipped on 24th June. They were far from “all shipped and ready for retailers” when the announcement was made. By any reasonable definition, the Evo 3D was an unreleased/future device at the time the announcement was made.

    2. Some international users have had the Sensation since 19th May so have been waiting a month since the announcement for news as to whether their device will be unlocked at all.

    3. There’s been nothing official saying either phone will be unlocked although according to point 1, Evo 3D should be close to definite. There’s been nothing official at all said about the Sensation. I don’t count the utterances of random support staff or replies from the PR drones who maintain the HTC Facebook page as official unless it’s clearly stated that it’s an official statement. Even the reply you posted doesn’t specifically mention either phone, just HTC bootloaders in general.

  5. To Be Honest It Couldn’t Take Too Long To Unlock The Bootloader :

  6. I disagree.  I just want to say Chris, that your site along with others haven’t been very transparent about this issue.  It hasn’t been mentioned in your reviews at all, and before this post there has been a lack of information about it on your site, but to be honest most sites have been that way.

    I’m sure there are other users like me who don’t want to purchase the EVO 3D until this issue is resolved.  It’s an important issue and they should resolve it quickly.

    1. I got my 3VO for free. You should too. Just don’t activate it until the bootloader is unlocked and stick to your EVO for the time being. Game blouses.

  7. “I should note that HTC never specifically mentioned anything about the
    Sensation and Evo 3D in their unlocked bootloader “future device” plans.”

    Yes, they did. I’m not a confrontational person, but before you go calling a portion of your readers “whiners” you might as well have your facts straight. Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC, personally confirmed the Evo 3D would be unlocked after the uproar last month.

    We only want what their PR department and CEO promised us. Last month they allayed our concerns and roped us back in, but now they didn’t hold up their end of the deal, nor have they even updated us as to why. A time frame would go a long way to again soothe their frustrated and upset users, but instead all we get is a very vague Facebook comment – not even a status, but just a freakin’ lowly comment.

    It vividly reminds me of last year, when HTC and Sprint absolutely swore the Evo FPS cap was hardware related, and would/could never, ever be removed. Then, a few weeks later, a dev on XDA accomplished it (a super simple, one line call to a few millisecond delay was invoked for every frame refresh). Then shortly after that HTC silently officially removed the cap in an OTA. There are no two ways about that – HTC flat out lied. They were lazy, and rather than coding separate framerates for the LCD and the HDMI output, they just smashed the phone in the knees and slowed the whole thing down to 29.97 fps, then pretended to not know anything about it when users called them on it.

    So when HTC says something, I take it with a grain of salt. Maybe they will unlock the Evo 3D tomorrow, or maybe they’ll do it in December. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease. Call me a whiner then, but like a kid doing their homework, HTC needs to be prodded along otherwise nothing will ever get done.

    1. Best idea here? Ignore the previous response you received. I’ll lay
      the facts out bare for you. Just like HTC and our CEO said, we will be
      unlocking the bootloader of the EVO 3D. Some people use the response
      that we’ve got in our system that I feel is too vague and doesn’t give
      enough information. We do indeed care or we wouldn’t have changed our
      minds about locking the bootloaders in the first place. We are going to
      update the device to be unlocked, as we have no intention of going back
      on our word. I’m the guy coming out saying it will be done; ——–
      was simply following protocol as we are expected to do, but I honestly
      felt like pulling from other resources than our internal base to provide
      the actual, appropriate answer. We want to get this out soon, so keep
      an eye out on the Facebook page for the latest official news. Hopefully
      it will be available soon. I hope this clarified it for you; I’ve been
      trying to get to as many of these emails as possible so we don’t have
      vague responses sent out.

    2. Not only that but they have made sevreal remarks about the sensation as well….I think Matrix is right, you need to do more research before putting up a story….especially when the story has been out for over two weeks now….a little late to the party. On top of that Teamwin has found an exploit possibly allowing root….KNOW FACTS

  8. Seriously, you unlocked bootloader retards need to STFU already. 2 years ago you “me too” tag alongs didn’t even know WTF a bootloader was and I’d wager that 90% of you still have no clue and are just bitching to feel like you’re part of something. Whether they unlock the bootloader or not I’m going to continue enjoying my E3D.

    1. Spoken, I think you need to STFU. Android has grown quite significantly in the past two years. So who cares if people are new to the boot loading scene? What’s your point by this statement? It’s enticing to many now, it gets popular and more people jump on. Do not be a douche just because you want it as a small community. Enjoy your “E3D”and STFU about what others do or want from it.

  9. these articles seem to be having a negative tone lately. when i come on here i just want to read the facts. i dont want to be “nudged” by someones opinion. keep it pro bra

  10. Chris, please stop “reporting” when you don’t have the full story. Not only did HTC state that the Bootloaders would be unlocked, the CEO (or presumably his PR team) copy and pasted an email to each individual who personally inquired about the status of there EVO 3D or Sensation handsets. Now that we’ve corrected the facts, the basic demand of the community can be clarified.

    We’re not asking for the Bootloader to be immediately unlocked, we’re asking for a semi-specific date for the release of the update that will bring the unlock. Is it 30 days from now? Is it 6 months from now? I think you’d see a very LARGE portion of the community quiet down if they simply gave us some more specific information. I would presume you’re aware of how slow some of these companies move, as most large ones do. People have fronted hard earned money and 2 years of there wireless lives for the EVO 3D and Sensation. They deserve some information around the devices future or HTC deserves all the returned units for a poor PR campaign.

  11. They would not have had to “Send the phones back for unlocking.” They could have packaged the unlock in one of the 3 ota updates that were available day one to the device.

  12. Undo the boot loader lock and allow others to help to lift the weight of up keeping the device.  We all know the result of keeping the gene pool to one.  There seems to be a very narrow view of life with a very big mouth.

  13. From the your own phandroid site… Please look at the bottom of the article with the “update”

    1. Wow Chris, think its time for you to quit your day job… Not only have you reported horribly inaccurate information. You ACTUALLY failed to quote/utilize YOUR OWN previous article WITH AN UPDATE. Sorry man, reporting is not for everyone. Maybe Fox News will hire you to be there tech correspondent. :D

  14. What a bunch of BUMS just be proud of your device It’s only 4days old since launch. HTC will do the unlocking of the bootloader when they get around to it. Meanwhile home at the range this is an exceptional device especially when it comes to battery life…

    1. Are “bums” and “silly” and “bitch slap” really the only words in your vocabulary? What a sad little man you are. Try being just a little more creative next time. Otherwise, you’re just another “bum”. 

  15. It’s my device…..I bought it and I want it unlocked. If I wanted to deal with a communistic-type company, I would have bought an iPhone. Would you buy a car from a dealer if they didn’t let you open the hood? Would you buy a computer if you couldn’t install certain software you wanted? How is this any different?

    Yea, I’m happy with the Evo 3D right now. What about 6 months from now…..or a year? Owners of the original Evo were enjoying Gingerbread months before it was available to them, and are now enjoying HTC Sense 2.1 or 3.0 which isn’t even supposed to be on their phones. Not to mention all the people that like HTC products but don’t like HTC Sense and want to flash the AOSP rom of their choice.

    Or people who want to remove bloatware like HTC Peep or Flicker or anything I don’t use/want. How about the ability to be able to take a simple screen shot?

    You call us whiny but just the fact that you know we exist tells me that we are doing a good job at getting our points across. Talk all the crap you want, but I’m sure you (Chris Chavez) will be on XDA downloading roms as soon as they do unlock it. Make sure you donate to the devs when you do.

  16. This isn’t a story based in journalism. It is an editorial.

  17. What irks me about this whole deal is that HTC decided that it would be a good idea to lock down their bootloaders even after how much heat Motorola has been taking for it.  Sorry, no more HTC devices for me until they actually fix their mistake, a promise to fix it at a later date just doesn’t cut it.

  18. Hmm, Chris whining about the whiners. Everything in this world is cyclical.

  19. This is why you don’t buy a phone that is locked.  You just sit back and wait and perhaps get a Samsung Hercules instead at some point.

  20. We will see whos “whining” when you cant sell ads on your site because all your readers went elsewhere. Dont forget, One little organized reader strike and youll be breaking out the ol resume’ again.

  21. The android community is the biggest whinier out there. If it wasn’t for HTC do you really think android would have grown as fast? For all you people who like stock android, why do you install custom rom or a launcher program? Stock android is ugly and is not that user friendly. You people keep on say that people who buy iphone are sheeps and that shit but the truth is, the iphone is very user and have out sold every single android manufacturer. BTW I said single not as a whole. You tech people can nerd rage all you want, as long as HTC have devices that I like I will keep on enjoying my phone

  22. > but when it comes to some users, they sure like to whine.

    Yes.  How dare users whine about wanting to actually OWN the hardware that they PAID for, or WILL PAY FOR over the life of a contract, or possibly ETF.

    The nerve of those whiners.  Expecting to own what they pay for.

    1. Expect HTC is trying to make the other 80% or so of their user to happy. Just because the other 20% or so are the loudest does not make you guys right. If you want an unlock bootloader so back go to a different manufacturer. They said they were going to do it and it only be release for less then a week. That is a whining 

  23. CHRIS CHAVEZ<<< go back to your earlier comment about the failure Android handsets, and the others handset… In the comment you get your own answer, too many complainer, unhappy people all the time. 

    866-449-8358 (North America)
    6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern Time (every day)

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