HTC EVO 3D Now Available for Everyone for $199.99, Gets Update to Fix Green Hornet License Issues


Weren’t one of the many who were able to get in on purchasing the HTC EVO 3D as early as June 21st? Well, the thing was set to hit stores – both physical and online – for everyone June 24th, and we believe that day is here. For $199.99, you can walk away with a dual-core monster that showcases the first autostereoscopic 3D capabilities on an Android phone here in North America.

You’ll get a 4.3 inch qHD display, dual 5 megapixel cameras with flash on the back that can record both 2D and 3D content, 1GB of RAM, Android 2.3 with HTC Sense 3.0 and a lot more. Early reviews seem to indicate that this thing isn’t half bad, either.

So where’s the best place to buy? You lazy folks can just head to Sprint.com, of course, but you shouldn’t have any problems heading into a Sprint store and throwing your $200 down on the counter. And if they don’t open early enough for you, Best Buy stores nationwide will be open at 8am today to handle the crowd who needs their goods as soon as possible.

We’ve just received our unit and will be reviewing it shortly, but check out this unboxing video by Chris in the meantime. You can also hit AndroidForums.com up to pass time as users have had their units as early as June 22nd and have been talking up a storm there.

Hell, there’s an entire thread dedicated to letting folks know you have yours. One user compared radio strength on an EVO 3D to an EVO 4G and has come up with some pretty exciting results. Let us know if you’re planning to get one and circle back once you do to let us know how you like it.

PS: Those Green Hornet playback license issues should be cleared up by the time you read this post.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It’s tempting, but my EVO 4G is still a champ. I will go into a Sprint store, however, and play with it for a bit. Looks like a solid phone.

  2. I ordered mine for $149 at Wirefly and it shipped yesterday. Looks like it should arrive tomorrow. So long, Verizon!! I am so excited. The Evo 3d will be my first Android.

  3. Sprint is screwing a few people I know by refusing to honor the FREE upgrade described in this Phandroid article.


    Expect some fall out…

    1. Except that the article even states its not a guarantee.

  4. I just picked up my Evo 3D, and its been pretty good so far. Except…

    I tried playing Spiderman 3D to see how well 3D might look in games, only to have the app crash spectacularly about 30 seconds in. I know that apps can crash, especially with new tech, but the results of the crash were interesting. When I moved out of the app, only one of the two layers reset, which left the phone with a weird, distorted 3D effect in all screens that should have been 2D. Even power cycling the phone didn’t fix it. I had to remove the battery and leave it out for a minute, to get the phone to reset and eliminate the problem.

  5. i went to bestbuy and i try the phone i try everything the phone is fast and nice desing but i preffer staying with my thunderbolt i think overall the thunderbolt is way better at lease here in miami 4g lte make a big difference comparing to sprint 4g wimax i try few website and the phone takes for ever i know is the network is not the phone well this is personal opinion 

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