Woot: Archos 7 Home Tablet Only $79.99!


Happy Friday, Phandroids! In addition to starting your day with a breathe of fresh air and steamin hot cuppa-joe, you’ve got some big decisions to make. Like should you purchase today’s Woot! deal which happens to be an Android Tablet, a refurbished Archos 7 8GB Home Tablet, and only $79.99 at that:

You’ll notice I actually got this as an e-mail from Amazon, who knew I was browsing up the entire collection of the world’s Android devices and decided to give me a shout. I’m just glad it didn’t read, “we noticed you looking at tablets, netbooks, and [insert inappropriate item here]”. It’s scary what the interwebz knows these days.

So… only $80 for an Android Tablet… going to pick one up?

Rob Jackson
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  1. I would if it were a useful device at all…

    The only reason I would be interested is for a gaming device for my kids (all 5 and under), but I doubt it would run Angry Birds, and my kids don’t do well with resistive touch screens…

  2. I wouldn’t even call this a tablet.

    It does run angry birds, but the corners (Where the home button is) are impossible to hit, and everything takes forever to load…

    The only thing that runs fine is actually Angry Birds.

  3. It’s a good media player. A portable dvd player costs about this.. but this is going to be much better for most people. 

    While many people here know what else is out their and have become kinda picky, for others, this is a great consumer item at a fair cost. Don’t compare it to 500-700 dollar devices.. its a handy little thing.

  4. For $85, it makes a great eReader, audio/video player. 

  5. Whats the easiest way to get digital sound out of this thing and into my receiver?

  6. good tablets are too expensive, and cheap tables make no sense when you know much better ones are out there…i’ll be waiting for a while until good android tablets become cheap.  I don’t really need one anyway.  Laptop and smartphone do just fine.

  7. This is a pretty horrible tablet. Resistive screen, slow as hell, weird screen form factor, android 1.6, no android marketplace… unless someone has hacked custom ROMs for it that fix the last two.

    1. Best quote all Day.!!!!!!

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