HTC EVO View 4G Gets Pre-Release Software Update of its Own


The HTC EVO 3D has already received two pre-launch updates, and its tablet partner in crime isn’t getting left behind on this one. Yes, the HTC EVO View 4G is also launching tomorrow, June 24th, and HTC and Sprint have an OS update for the Android slate, as well. With the OTA, the View 4G will be bumped up from Android 2.3.3 to Android 2.3.4, which will enable GTalk video calling. The update will also do away with a few bugs that users should never have to experience provided they download the new software after picking up their View 4G tomorrow. How’s that for timely OS updates?

[via Spantechular]

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  1. how about 2.3.4 for evo3d?

  2. Yes I am pretty sure 2.3.4 is very close for the evo 3d so I will be patient. I want netflix on the evo 3d also. I have a funny feeling that when I turn my Evo 3d on after 8:30am friday that netflix will still be working…7hrs and 20mins till Evo 3d day…

  3. Why is HTC shipping its phones with 2.3.3 ? Makes no “sense” because 2.3.4 has the universal Video Chat capabilities through Gtalk…??? Here’s that danged waiting game again .. Just when we thought it was all coming together…BASH…here we are, Again.

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