Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hits Stores Shelves, Gets Rooted


When the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was released as a limited edition goodie for attendees of this year’s Google I/O, developers made short work of obtaining root access. Last week the retail version of the slate touched down on store shelves, and just as quickly it, too, has been granted Super User access. XDA Android-guru shep211 gets all of the credit here. The usual warnings and disclaimers go along with it, but if you do want to take the plunge and have a crack at rooting your own Galaxy Tab 10.1, full instructions can be found at XDA.

[via Engadget]

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  1. So apparently some of the tablets shipped unlocked … and that was then used to be able to unlock the rest of them.  I wonder how pissed Samsung is over that slip-up … or if they care much?  I keep hoping this craze for locked boot loaders will dissipate … 

    1. Or maybe it was done on purpose.  Maybe the carriers don’t want the phones to have root.  Maybe instead the phone manufacturer can give free phones to developers and ship tablets to people unlocked “on accident”.  Maybe this is how the phone manufacturer keeps everyone happy.

  2. I bought a 16gb white on Saturday and it didn’t have the unlocked bootloader. I went to best buy this morning and exchanged it for a one with the metallic back and it came unlocked. 

  3. Why are tablets locked down?  There is no carrier involved.  Why would Google care? 

    Imagine buying a Windows computer and not able to have admin access.  It just makes no sense that tablets are locked down. I wonder if this violated the Linux GNU?  I could see why carriers would want them locked (except for Sprint, who is open and doesn’t care what you do with your device).

    1. Keep in mind that having a locked bootloader and non-rooted phone is very different. Giving you non super user access is more a security thing than anything – stops rogue applications doing anything nasty. However, as you say, there is no carrier involved, you would expect no locked bootloader. Rooting a phone is significantly easier than flashing one.

  4. I’ll be getting this next week. Too bad it isn’t with the Exynos CPU chip in my sgsII but right now this tablet is the closest rival to the iPad2 Android has to offer (and even as an Android enthusiast I have to say iPad2 is a good tablet)

  5. I’ll stick with my Xoom / Got it 6/7 was thinking about swapping for the Tab but with no sd or hdmi out, I’ll pass…

  6. I don’t quite understand why people are complaining about the lack of hdmi….Samsung has an HDMI adapter and a regular video out adapter….They are also have a 30 pin to usb adapter…so people will be able to connect some peripherals to it as well…The device is sexy, sleek and fast….

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