Marketing Exec Flees Flailing RIM for Samsung


Following the medical leave of COO Don Morrison, the resignation of marketing head Keith Pardy, and news of job cuts looming in the future, RIM digital marketing wizard Brian Wallace has taken his traded his position with BlackBerry-maker RIM for a vice president of strategic marketing gig at Samsung. The wounded RIM is slowly bleeding itself dry after posting profit losses that are only projected to increase due to delays in launching new products. Shares in RIM have already lost half of their value since the beginning of the year, and new devices such as the BlackBerry PlayBook have done little to bolster a company left hurting from the overwhelming success of competitors Google and Apple. Samsung is one of Android’s biggest manufacturers, and Wallace’s new position with the company comes at an even greater cost to RIM.

[via Reuters]

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  1. yeah, take those failing exec Sammy…

  2. Haha down with RIM

  3. RIM should just adopt android already. It’s certainly headed that way. I doubt QNX on their phones is going to come fast enough or make enough of a impact for them. If they combined their already established name and services +security with a popular OS like Android (kinda like what Nokia did, except for the popular part), I really think they could recover and take a large chunk of the market back. 

    Every week now they keep dying more and more.

  4. Way to go Sammy, smart move.

    1. I dont about smart move for Samsung, but it was definitely a smart move by that guy.

  5. They had it coming. No innovation, so so specs, nothing new to offer in the sense of design, no customization ala Android, input from everyday (non-business) average users not taken seriously, etc, etc. RIM always has always had an arrogance that they are on top and that they drive the smartphone business. Times have changed RIM and you decided to stay in the past & not move forward. I’ve got a good feeling they will be bought out eventually. May actually be a good thing.

  6. Umm…Blackberry marketing is some of the worst in the industry. Why would Samsung hire this guy? “All you need is love…Blackberry” LOLOLOLOL what bad commercials. 

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Not sure what makes this guy a marketing wizard. 

  7. I’m interested to see how well Android goes over in Indonesia, and what kinds of phones they’ll get after reading this article the other day.

    1. Despite the fact that its “trendy”, the main reason BB is so popular in Indonesia (and when I say Indonesia I mostly mean Jakarta, outside it is decidedly less so, although still more common than you would imagine) is practicality.  BBM offers them a “free” alternative to SMS and the efficient and quality keyboard design allows them to type very quickly.  While I love Android, the ecosystem as a whole is generally missing these two things and Indonesia will be slower to adopt Android over RIM because of it. Although I do believe it WILL happen eventually.

  8. he was probably forced out rather than “fleed”

    1. Fleed?  Does need Frontline Plus? :D

  9. Wow. This is taking place more quickly than I imagined it would.  A rising tide lifts all ships, and that tide is Android.  Lots of room in the world for Windows machines, and obviously, for Android smartphones.  Are you listening, Nokia ?

  10. Google should buy RIM and add bbm to Android to kill iMessage.

  11. LOL! Seems like everyone on Earth saw this coming except the idiots at RIM. What a way to fail.

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