The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Available Nationwide at Best Buy Today


We didn’t need a press release to let us know that the Tab 10.1 would be here today, but Samsung sent one anyway. Following a brief period of New York City exclusivity, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now available for all in America to purchase. You’re getting a 10.1 inch Honeycomb tablet with Samsung’s TouchWiz customizations. (Don’t worry – they don’t hurt the experience.)

The usual specs for a Honeycomb tablet are here – a 1280×800 IPS display, 1GB of RAM, a 1 GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and more. You’re also getting a 3 megapixel shooter on the back and a VGA shooter on the front for video calls.

Initially, only 16GB and 32GB WiFi models are available, costing $500 and $600 each. The slimmest Honeycomb tablet, and the slimmest tablet period, is worth every penny, though, as I stated in my review. And don’t let the lack of a USB port deter you as Samsung will soon be shipping adapters for that 30-pin proprietary connector they elected to include.

A major downside for most will be the lack of an external storage option. This will be especially frustrating for Mac users who are left in the dark at the moment when it comes to file transfer via USB. The 4G models coming soon will have these ports, though, so some of you may want to hold out for those.

The Samsung Tablets section at is already crawling with owners who’ve had the device in their hands as early as June 8th as well as those who have yet to bite the bullet. It’s exclusive to Best Buy so hit your local store up when they open today if you’re up to buy one.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. i would buy that if it does not come up with those Samsung Apps. preinstalled

    1. I got one this morning. Comes with only a few non-stock apps (Pulse, Quickoffice, Music Hub, and Samsung Apps, which I believe is their market). One notable feature was the unlocked symbol showing on the bootup screen, out-of-box. I believe that’s indicating an unlocked bootloader!

  2. So now you’re reposting Kevin’s stories, nice turnabout.

    It’s also really nice that both of you use ‘Nationwide’ in the assumption that everyone reading is from the US.

    1. You are a lily-livered awkward dufus! This is emericaen site, for emericaen people! Lard eatin back-woods jerk!

      1. “Yee-haw!” and so forth :)

        1. Thanks from the country who probably saved your butts from some bad guy or bad guys at one time in history, we love ya too!

    2. Considering recent context, I figured it was obvious what nation I was referring to.

  3. No expandable memory, no thanks.  This is just an Android iPad 2, that’s who they’re trying to compete with on this, because the Asus Transformer is 100 bucks cheaper and has expandable memory.

  4. i am returning my asus back to best buy today.

    1. that’s a dumb thing to do…  good luck in getting the next android update from Samsung…  You should learn from other people’s mistake when they purchased Samsung products…

  5. I’ll pas….and keep my Asus.  Very happy with it…

  6. My Best Buy didn’t have any instock!  I was the first one in the store this morning and they didn’t even have a single one!  WTF!

    1. I called yesterday to make sure they had some. It was just me and one other guy getting one this morning.

    2. IKR!! I WENT TO MY BEST BUY STORE AND IT WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!!!.. only ONE employee knew that it was supposed to come out today!! Ugh B[

  7. My BestBuy did not have any in stock… wtf!

  8. “You’re getting a 10.1 inch Honeycomb tablet with Samsung’s TouchWiz customizations. (Don’t worry – they don’t hurt the experience.)”

    I’m 90% sure this statement is false. Everything else I’ve read states that the 10.1 is coming without TW, and that it will be an optional update later. The photo of the 10.1 that you chose for the blog post doesn’t even show TW.

    The 8.9 in the attached image is running TW. You can tell because the icons in the lower left look different than stock Honeycomb.

  9. Went to my local store this morning and they didnt have any.  None of the stores in my area had any.  I dont understand how BB could screw up a product launch when the Times Square store has had them for over a week.  Very disappointed!!!

  10. There’s NOTHING I want more right now then a Honeycomb tab BUT I currently own the Nexus S so getting the Galaxy tab just seems like I’m buying a bigger version on my phone. If anyone is thinking about getting this tab or the XOOM I would erge you to take a look at the soon to be released TOSHIBA THRIVE. The Thrive has everything you’d want in a tab including full sized HDMI and USB plus a removable battery and soft-grip back cover. The Thrive drops mid July so if you can…WAIT!

    1. That’s the one I’m waiting for.  I wanted to see the Tab 10.1 though.  Pre-ordered..

  11. none in stock for any local BestBuy within 50 miles. I guess its time to use Amazon. Nice going BB

    1. forget Galaxy Tab 10.1…  Transformer is much better… It will have much better software support model from Asus…  Samsung software support sucks big time!!!

      1. dude… STFU.  samsung is quick with it’s update wtf are you talking about?  It’s motorola and sony thats slow.

  12. I ordered mine the day the pre-order went live, was hoping it would show up a day or 2 before the release date, just checked it this morning and it shows “backordered”…WTF.  Suddenly I remember why I hate BestBuy.  I’m glad they already charged my credit card tho :(

  13. Best Buy absolutely blows. Just like the transformer, none in stock in south florida stores on launch day. great job best buy, you suck again!!!!

    1. None in Michigan either.

  14. Picked up one this morning at BB but they only had 3 and they were presold. The other 2 stores hadn’t received there’s yet

    1. yeah, big rollout, 3 per store. No wonder android tablets cant compete. You can’t find them, especially on launch day.

  15. BB had it in stock in two NYC stores, but not on display.  I want to see a $600 tablet before I buy it.

  16. Has anyone reached out to Samsung for comment about this epic fail of a launch.

  17. WTF Samsung and Best Buy screwed up the launch date for a nice product.  How TF they compete with rotten Apple if the fucking lagging on the launch date.  I wen to my local BB, and nothing on the display, talk to Samsung field rep, and she didn’t know shit, at the end they found a white one in the stock, but 16GB.  WTF, I want black one, and 32GB.  Fuck Samsung and BB, they screwed this up big time

  18. No grey or 32gig ones in stock in ny. What a shame. :-(

  19. I just fired a email to Samsung, I thought maybe it was just my area but reading comments on here they screwed this royally..My BB didnt have anything at all about it.  They show it in transit but none in store.  They said its in the flyer for sunday though..Wow 

  20. None at any best buy in Houston…

  21. None here in Hawaii but then again I’m waiting for the 8.9 but I wanted the see and play with the G tab 10.1. 

  22. best buy sucks and so does samsung……no tabs at any best buys in san diego county….

    1. oh and i preordered at best buy…..still no tab….

  23. Ordered a white 32GB model from BB today, response: “The item listed below is not yet available to be shipped. We expect to
    ship it within the next 1-2 weeks. We will ship the item sooner if it
    becomes available” FAIL!

  24. Its awesome got mine at 6:30. Best Buy Waco, Texas had 4, unloaded from the truck late. Decided to go ahead and get it, looked hard at the Toshiba Thrive but absolutly glad I pulled the trigger on the galaxy tab, it feels like a feather in your hand and has an amazing visual exsperience. . Typed this from my new favorite tab

  25. Just got the 16GB Metallic Gray right before closing in Elk Grove, CA. (All of he BB’s in the Sacramento area had the 16GB’s in Metallic Gray showing in stock) There wasn’t a display yet as I had to ask, and this helpful associate gladly brought it out.  She ushered me to the Mobile Area where she unlocked one of the drawers below the cell phone displays where they were being kept. They also had locked away the Keyboard Dock & Desktop Dock which I also both nabbed. Can’t wait to play with this new gadget!

  26. Got one here in CA… from best buy :-) love it!

  27. Best Buy Wilmington. 1 Unit that they were walking around with that you had to ask to see it. They were too busy promoting the iPad2. Bad choice Samsung, Best Buy tarnishing your launch. I wonder if Apple made a little payment?????

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