Galaxy Tab 10.1 Available Nationwide Tomorrow


Samsung just hit the wires with a news release reminding all that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will go on sale nationwide tomorrow, June 17th. This comes a week after the Tab 10.1 saw a limited release in New York City and after news that Tiger Direct is already shipping order for the Honeycomb slate.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available in-store at Best Buy and online via Fry’s Electronics,, Micro Center, Tiger Direct, and Newegg start at $499 for the 16GB version and $599 for the 32GB. A new “Info Clip” has been made public in case you need a refresher on all that makes up the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 10.1, World’s Thinnest Mobile Tablet, Makes Official Landing in U.S.

Premium Android Honeycomb Tablet with Ultra-slim, Lightweight Design and Brilliant
10-inch Touchscreen Available Exclusively at Best Buy Union Square Store in New York City Starting June 8; Available Nationwide Starting June 17
Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S.[1], and Samsung Electronics America, a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced the upcoming retail availability of the Galaxy Tab™ 10.1, starting June 8. The WiFi-enabled tablet measures at just 8.6 millimeters slim, making it the thinnest mobile tablet currently available in the world. The 32GB version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi edition will be available for $599, while the 16GB version of the device will be available for $499.

A limited quantity of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi edition will be available for purchase exclusively at the Best Buy Union Square store in New York City on June 8. Best Buy customers may also pre-order the Galaxy Tab 10.1 online or in-store beginning that day.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is powered by Android™ 3.1, Honeycomb offering faster and smoother transitions between different applications, more intuitive navigation to and from home screens and broader support of USB accessories, external keyboards, joysticks and gamepads.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the thinnest mobile tablet currently available in the world, measuring in at an ultra-slim 8.6 millimeters. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 also boasts an incredibly light weight of just 1.25 pounds (565 grams) for outstanding mobility and comfort in the user’s hands.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is designed with a brilliant 10.1-inch HD touchscreen display with WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution delivering vibrant colors and crisp clarity. This expansive screen is centered inside a narrow bezel to enhance the wide viewing angle.

“Ensuring that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 launched with Android 3.1 Honeycomb was part of our constant commitment to meeting the needs of our customers,” said Dale Sohn, President and CEO of Samsung Mobile. “The Galaxy Tab 10.1’s ultra-thin design and 10-inch touchscreen are impressive differentiators in the tablet market place. We’re going to make the Galaxy Tab 10.1 even more powerful, entertaining and secure through a series of upgrades coming to this device.”

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will receive these new upgrades through a software update that customers can access over the air in the near future. Those upgrades are currently scheduled to include:


Customized User Experience “Samsung TouchWiz UX”
Samsung’s TouchWiz user experience is designed with a Live Panel menu for customizing the home screen of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with digital pictures, favorite Web sites and social network feeds.

In addition, the TouchWiz UX includes a “Mini Apps” tray of commonly used features such as task manager, calendar and music player which can be launched while other major applications are already in use.

Samsung Media Hub
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 software upgrade will introduce the evolution of Samsung’s popular movie and TV content service, known as Media Hub. Media Hub has been redesigned with a new user interface for even easier downloads of rented or purchased content. The new version of Media Hub also includes an HD Extender which allows the user to playback Media Hub content on TV through an HDMI cable from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 dock or adaptor.

Readers Hub & Social Hub
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will also gain access to Samsung’s Readers Hub service, which is a robust library filled with more than 2.2 million books, 2,000 newspapers and 2,300 magazines. Also, the software upgrade will install Samsung’s Social Hub service, which aggregates email, instant messaging, contacts, calendar and social network connections into a single interface.

Versatile Content Sharing
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will also receive Samsung’s Allshare service, for seamless content transfer between the tablet and other DLNA-enabled devices such as HDTV’s, monitors and digital cameras. The software upgrade will also transform the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 into a device capable of accepting streaming content from a TV to the tablet itself.


Impressive Speed, Power & Battery Life
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n connectivity to deliver rapid mobile download speeds and reduce data transfer times. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 also includes a Nvidia Tegra 1GHz dual core application processor for powerful gaming and multimedia performance. The Tab’s ultra-thin design does not sacrifice battery life, thanks to a 7000 mAh battery providing up to 9 hours of continuous use on a single charge[2].

Full Adobe Flash Player Compatibility
The device offers extensive Web browsing access through Adobe® Flash® Player compatibility. Flash Player delivers beautiful HD video, faster graphics rendering, and high performance on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and is designed to take advantage of native device capabilities — enabling richer, more immersive user experiences.

Optimal Enterprise Solutions
In addition, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 integrates several enterprise solutions to provide support for exchange device management policies, improve the security of data and services maintained on the tablet and meet IT guidelines for remote device access. The enterprise solutions include:
· On-device encryption of user data

Enhanced Exchange ActiveSync Support
· Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN


Quality Cameras and Sound
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 features a 3 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front camera providing smooth video chat capabilities and seamless 1080p HD video playback[3]. High quality speakers are positioned on the right and left sides of the device for a rich, deep audio experience.

Google™ Mobile Services
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is preloaded with the full suite of Google Mobile Services including access to more than 60,000 Android Market™ applications for Galaxy Tab 10.1[4], Gmail™, Google Search™, Google Maps™ 5.0 with 3D maps, and Google Talk™ with video and voice chat.

Availability & Pricing
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi edition will be available exclusively starting June 8 at the Best Buy Union Square location in New York City. Starting June 17, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available at Best Buy online and in-store along with Fry’s Electronics,, Micro Center, Tiger Direct and Newegg. These retail outlets will have the 32GB version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi edition available for $599, and the 16GB version of the device will be available for $499. In addition, the WiFi version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available through Sprint starting mid-summer 2011. Visit for additional details.

1 Number one mobile phone provider in the U.S claim for Samsung Mobile based upon reported shipment data, according to Strategy Analytics, Q1 2011 U.S. Market Share Handset Shipments Reports.
2 Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected, vibrate mode, backlight settings, browser use, and frequency of data and other application usage patterns.
3 1080p video playback on an HD TV or other 1080p HD device.
4 Based on a statistical analysis of existing Android Market™ applications

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  1. Ugh, I hope my Amazon order can be delivered to my on Saturday. Puhhleaseee?!

    1. Wishing the same for my Newegg order.  

      But alas, for the first day, packages never go anywhere.  Unless you paid for Super Duper OMG Express $$$ shipping, they’ll take their sweet time getting it to you…

  2. I’m happy with my Acer Iconia until there is a Tegra3 running Chocolate Fudge Sundae (my guess @ Android 4 name)

    1. Ahem…it’s Ice Cream Sandwich. 

  3. This or Transformer?

    1. It’s up to you – $100 of difference

      Transformer has the same hardware

      1. Oh woah. Definitely going with Transformer. For some reason I thought I read that the 16 was the same price as the Transformer – $399.. I guess not.

        1. From a spec point, they are equal. From a features point, Asus wins hands down. From an aesthetic point, Samsung wins hands down. The Asus is too bulky and has major build quality issues. Take your time reading reviews of each device before you pick one.

          1. Transformer is not too bulky…  It’s perfect size…  Asus does have some QC issue..but not too bad…  These tablets are manufactured in China so there are bound to have some defects…  I’m sure Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will have some as well…

          2. It’s not as bulky as the a500, but it definitely has too much surrounding bezel for that size screen. Also, I don’t think Samsung manufactures its products in China. I could be wrong..

  4. @Haggie:disqus Android name the major OS releases in alphabetical increments. Most likely something starting with a J since “ice cream sandwhich” is the next slated version. I’m thinking Jam Cake or Jelly something.

    1. Jellybeans…

  5. Ok, now bring out the 8.9.

  6. Already got mine — damn nice. 

    1. How’s the gaming on it? Any lag or slowdown?

  7. anyone else wish this thing was shipping with the exynos chip? 

  8. that’s why i decided to get to my local bb at 10. just get it when doors open, my bb is getting 14 units. i should be fine.

  9. The background music reminds me of something like Double Dragon or Xenon 2, this is what I shall always hear in my head in futuer while using my Xoom  :o)

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