Grooveshark for Android Gets Updated to 2.3.1


Grooveshark fans, check your app – an update should be ready for you to pull down. It’s version 2.3.1 and includes some desirable changes and bug fixes. For starters, in-app purchases are now available for folks who want to effortlessly buy a subscription or upgrade their existing one. Another big one is the newfound ability to add your current queue to a playlist.

As you folks know, Grooveshark was removed from the Android market so you’ll have to get the app from their site if you don’t already have it. Those of you on the two most recent versions should get in-app notifications of new upgrades whenever they’re made available. Full changelog is below. [Reddit]

  • Added support for in-app subscriptions, upgrades, and freebie codes
  • Added support for Google Voice Search
  • Added support for saving the queue to a playlist
  • Added support for posting application debug logs, which will help when working with support
  • Fixed support for sharing links, and for opening shared links from the web
  • Fixed the ‘stuck in offline mode’ bug
  • Updated to using the same search method as the web site (previously the app was filtering non-transcoded songs from search results)
  • Fixed several subscribed and offline playlists bugs
  • Fixed some album art issues


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Grooveshark ftw! Between grooveshark vip and pandora I don’t need to buy any music anymore, all while not doing anything illegal. Great to see it’s still being updated.

  2. Learn how to post a story.  You didn’t even explain what Grooveshark is for goodness sake.

    1. I don’t think the rudeness is really called for, but I’ll see if I can solve your issue with this article regardless…..  wait for it…. waaaait for iiiiitttt:

      BOOM!  Problem solved!   lol

  3. Sadly, it still won’t play songs on my G2x. Maybe next version.  It’s a known issue according to their support.

  4. I want to love Grooveshark more than I do.  It’s always annoyed me that if I want to do something like add an album to the playlist and listen to it, I have to do it song by song because the album search gives me nothing but results of “albums” with a couple of songs from the album or an “album” filled with 5-6 copies of each song.

    I love the ability to think of some song and listen to it right away, but it’s never been a primary source for music for me because the organization of their music catalog is so wonky.

  5. While this is a nice update…Grooveshark is overpriced!  I’m sticking with Pandora.

  6. Spotify will soon rule this market. 

    1. More like would have done if not for the recent changes due to their broken business model…

  7. *cough* Tinyshark is better *cough*

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