VOTE: Which Epic Droid Dad Should Win?


The entries are in, the photos collected, and all the tweets tracked down. We randomly selected 5 finalists in our Epic Droid Dad Contest and now it’s YOUR job to determine which dad will walk away with $1,200+ in SONOS equipment this Father’s Day. I posted my full SONOS Review yesterday and TRUST ME… one of these guys is going to be a VERY lucky dad.

Here are the Epic Droid Dad Finalists!

Dad #1:

  • Submitted by fishypea
  • This dad rocks Pink Floyd
  • Also said: “A picture of my Dad showing his 28 yr old how not to grow old – Lake District, Cumbria, UK.”

Dad #2:

Dad #3:

  • Submitted by nueser
  • This dad rocks RUSH
  • Also said: “My dad dressed as Indiana Jones Halloween 2010. My dad is the hardest working, most Android-loving guy I know. I’m proud to say he’s my dad!”

Dad #4:

  • Submitted by sonjabladed
  • This dad rocks Daft Punk
  • Also said: “This is the best dad in the world! Not only does he love his children, he teaches them the world of DROID! With this contest victory, he can share SONOS with his girls and keep the education alive! LOL Seriously this DAD would be so thrilled to win this! Since he is a “tech-head” I don’t think I could get him a better gift! SONOS!!”

Dad #5:

You can only vote once, but we encourage you to tell all your friends, family, and random passerbyers which dad they should vote for! Post it on Facebook, Tweet it on twitter, heck- send a postcard for all we care! But make sure you get all your votes in by 11:59pm Eastern Time on Saturday, June 18th because once that clocks strikes midnight it will officially be Father’s Day, the poll will be closed, and our epic Droid Dad will be crowned.


[polldaddy poll=5148748]

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  1. Pink Floyd dad. That is all.

  2. Pink Floyd, in a kayak, in the Lake District – has to be

  3. Had to vote #2.  A dad who is willing to wear pink, furry bunnies on his head in public, deserves something.

  4. I went with Dad 4 but i liked dad 2 too.

  5. This is easy #3. Any fan of RUSH I’m certainly a fan of.

  6. I lost already? Darn.

  7. Everyone vote for my dad!!! Dad Number 3!!!!!

  8. Ahh, it’s hard to choose, wish they could all win. All of them look like excellent fathers. I had go to with #4, showing the tiny kiddo made for a win.

    I hope there are some consolation prizes for the other epic fathers.

  9. Dad number 4 – Its gotta be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Crap! I forgot to enter my dad! =(

  11. vote for dad #4……he is pretty awesome : )

  12. Dad that dressed as Indiana Jones is all i needed to hear, lol!!

    1. Gotta go for the one with the best hat, right? ;)

  13. Dad number 4 wooo

  14. I was all set to vote #2 due to his wearing a bunny headband in public (that’s LOVE), but any dad that plays Daft Punk for his kids and teaches them about Android and gadgets has to get my vote. #4 it is!

  15. I can attest that my former Son-in-Law, Dad #2, is THE BEST DAD! Not only did he pick out and by The Perfect Halloween costumes for his 2 girls, one being a Cinderella Princess costume with crown, but he does it all by himself as a single Dad, which isn’t easy. And, last winter, he taught both of his girls, ages 3 & 5, how to use the lapetop, Ipad AND his Droid so they could log on to their apps, play games, watch movies and access their PBS shows! They Both could maneuver around on the Ipad faster than their 54 yr old Aunt! And they knew what they were doing!

  16. 3 or 4, still can’t decide.  Apparently they’re both big Android fans.  But any father that was nominated by their child show’s his worth and importance in their life.  Happy Father’s Day!

  17. Dad #4 all the way! – Ron :)

  18. Its easy to tell who the epic dad is. Its number 4.  Need confirmation…Just look at his daughters face.  It says all you need to know! 

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