Burn the Rope for Android Now Available on Android Market


I’ve heard quite a few of you asking for this one and it’s finally here. Burn the Rope is now available, for free, no less, in the Android market. It’s a popular game that’s made its way over from iOS, and from first glance, looks interesting. You have to burn rope, but flames only move up so you have to tilt your phone to keep the flame alive and burn as much rope as you can. There’s a lot more to it than that, but considering I haven’t played the game for myself yet, I’ll just ask you to hit the play button above. Find it for free here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Permissions to read/write/send SMS?  Why?

    1. for everyone who cannot read…sms is needed for in game purchases. 

      1. In other words this is another crappy port of an iOS app to Android by a developer that doesn’t know how to develop for Android? Using SMS for in-game purchases is Doing It Wrong.

        1. Or… doing it differently. Don’t like it, don’t get it (I know I didn’t)

  2. it’s almost 30mb and it cannot be moved to the sd card.. I can’t install this on my phone and it won’t let me install it on my galaxy tab 10.1 since it requires sms for some reason. on a related note, why the hell does it require sms?

    1. Read the product description.  It tells you why.

  3. 30 MB and no app to SD, epic fail

    1. yup, that’s ridiculous, I aborted my download once I read that. 

    2. Agreed and I posted the same thing on their facebook wall. 

      1. they dont read what u post, know why ? they dont care, get a better phone….my G2 eats up apps like a fat man at a waffle house, and keeps on goin

    3. <3 G2's abundance of memory

      1. its awesome aint it ? great phone, dont need apps2sd..these losers dont know what theyre missing

  4. Curse you HTC (nexus one owner) for giving me so little internal space on my phone!

  5. No support for droid charge? That’s a little ridiculous

  6. Not only do they fail to support apps2sd and require sending/receiving sms for in game purchases, they also require the much more dangerous permissions for reading and editing sms:s existing in your phone. As a developer, I think I can say that they seriously shouldn’t be demanding the “edit”-permission. I’m really curious about this game, but I will not install it with that permission.

    1. what do u actually think is going to happen ? i dont read permissions, if i like a game i download it. im not paranoid like so many of u losers. if its required, its required….

      1. Only morons don’t read permissions. 

        1. go away scott and read your permissions. all apps hav permissions, havent looked at them since day 1, know why ? im not a paranoid loser.

  7. I’m with the crowd on this one. I don’t care if their excuse about SMS is for in-app purchases…it’s not happening. There is no real reason for a simple game like this to have it. Let me know when they fix this.

  8. Not compatible with my Incredible running Sense(less) revoultion. Oh, well, I don’t have the space anyway.

  9. the downloading and updating of apps is something that people actually take time out of their day to worry about ? seriously ?? if u like to try a game download it..i hate to break your bubble, guys, but no one cares what you have on your phone or who youre texting or emailing, and no one is going to look at it….ok ? so download all the games and apps u want…..and on the update side, get over it if you dont get a “changelog”….its a FREE update on what is most likely a FREE app….god forbid the dev dont tell u what they changed (you prob wouldnt understand it anyways)….so my message today is stop being whiney nerds…….geeeez sometimes i hate the internet for giving all you whiney losers a forum to complain about damn near everything.

    1. And whining about whiners is a much more productive use of your time. Good job.

      1. Thanks, but someone needs to comment on the madness of it.

    2. Yea…keep doing that.

      We aren’t worried that they are reading our text, the point is that they can ( and people HAVE ) make it so your app sends text messages to premium services which cost money.

      They could also scramble text messages you write, for the lulz.

      The entire point is that this allows them to do things a simple game should not be able to do.

      I hope you come on here and let us know when you get home to a $5,000 phone bill because you downloaded some random game that looked good, but had SMS permissions on it.

      Not saying this game will be the one, just that it’s possible, and not worth the risk. It’s about risk management and mitigation. I can wait until they fix the requirements, which they probably will if they are truly legitimate.

  10. It seems to run fine if you revoke the SMS permissions – something to consider if you’re running cyanogen 7 with that feature and are worried about the permission.

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