Verizon Ad Flashes Mystery Honeycomb Tablet


A curious ad from Verizon hit YouTube earlier today featuring a mysterious Honeycomb tablet that we can’t seem to place. The ad has since been removed, but DroidLife managed to capture a screen shot of slate that doesn’t match up visually with any current Android 3.0 device we are familiar with. Speculation is running wild with proposals ranging from the next Motorola XOOM to HTC’s upcoming Honeycomb tablet, with the possibility remaining that this is simply a mock-up device used as a generic tablet for the sake of the advert.

The fact that Verizon has since made the video private suggests that there is something to be covered up here, we just don’t know exactly what it may be. From the looks of it Verizon might be scoring another Honeycomb tablet soon.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. It looks a lot like the Xoom, but clearly not the Xoom, so I would assume it’s a Motorola device.  Seems soon for them to be releasing a new one.

  2. How about more phones first

  3. Does that girl in the screenshot not look almost identical to T-Mobile’s spokesmodel Carly? 

    1. She actually kinda looks like Vanessa Ferlito. 

    2. That girl looks like she’s supposed to have taken me out to dinner.

    3. They do bear a striking resemblance.  There’s nothing about Carly that jumps out at me as so freaking gorgeous, yet for some reason, I think she’s smexy as all hell. 

  4. Could that be an HTC! 

  5. I would guess Xoom 2 if it is actually a real device. The case looks just like the first Xoom with the different material/color up at the top.

  6. My guess is HTC’s 10.1-inch LTE ‘Puccini’ tablet…

  7. Damn she’s got some DSL’s. 

  8. my guess is the 7 inch honeycomb motoola tablet since 7 inch tablets are more less built to be used in portrait (galaxy tab) and the top plastic part looks quite sismilar to that of the xoom

  9. Looks to well built to be an HTC tablet, must be the XOOM 2! Not sure what they could change though its already a pretty well spec’d tablet, quad core maybe?

  10. motorola xoom 8,9 inch

  11. the picture are mirror effect

  12. That or its just a generic fake tablet made just for that commercial so it can be held up in portrait mode (so people think its an iPad) and not have the camera be on the side like all the other android tablets.  Slow news day I’m guessing.

  13. Methinks it’s as fake as her duck lips. not to say we couldn’t be getting a new device, but I’d bet the farm that’s not it.

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