India’s $35 Tablet to See Light of Day, Units Ready to Ship


The story of the $35 Android tablet planned to be released under government subsidy has had its share of controversy and frustration. After problems arose with the vendor chosen to produce the tablets, hopes that the Sakshat tablet (yes, that’s its real name) would ever see a release dimmed. Still, the Indian government promised a mid-2011 release and it looks like they will meet their goal. The first batch of tablets is prepped for shipping at the end of the month, and will be priced at 2,200 rupees (about $50) before the government subsidy kicks in. Taken into account, the price should drop right down to the $35 goal.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I’m interested. Any specs sheets around?

    EDIT: I found some specs, but not sure if they’re right:

    Copy paste: “As for the specs, the 7-inch touchscreen tablet will come with inbuilt keyboard, video conferencing facility, multimedia content, Wi-Fi, USB port, 32GB hard drive and 2GB RAM. The tablet will support Open Office, SciLab and Internet browsing. ”

    Open office? SciLab? 2GB RAM? Doesn’t sound like an Android device.

    1. Yup says will feature Linux OS….which isnt necessarily android….It’d be really easy to modify a linux build to run on a machine like the one described….anyone know anymore info??

  2. Until a tablet can replace a laptop there should be no tablet over $300 especially an Android tablet

    1. Today’s fancier tablets are just too expensive, especially considering most smartphones can do just as much as their tablet counterparts (gingerbread vs honeycomb, iphone vs ipad).

    2. tablets are not worth using. with smartphone docks in the back of a screen, there’s no need for a “formal” tablet. Said tablet then simply becomes display + battery. Look at the asus solution.

  3. This is going to change the way everything is done in schools. My friend is a teacher at a large Chicago Sub-urb school and they are already budgeting for Tabs within the next year… Bitchin

  4. Does anyone know where i can order this tablet? I looked everywhere and the website that looks to be the official one doesn’t give anything but information about it. Please help me find an order page anyone?

  5. Suckshit tablet.

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