Sep 10th, 2010

Recently the Indian government announced that through a collaboration with the country’s top engineering colleges a $35 Android tablet had been developed to bring slate-style computing to the masses. That’s all well and good, except now Indian Android blog AndroidOS is making the claim that the tablet said to be developed and subsidized by the Indian government is actually the Chinese-made Hivision Speedpad. An image comparison of the two devices in question should settle any doubt as to the origin of the Indian tablet.


Now, we have no idea why the Indian government would make such a bold claim when the origin of the device they presented could easily be sleuthed out, so there is still a chance that the image provided as the table was just a poor choice for a placeholder or something similar. Meaning: not the final product. But the argument that the device was actually engineered in China is quite compelling. Do we have a case of government conspiracy here or can this all be chalked up to simple misunderstanding?

[via AndroidOS, thanks to Amit for sending this in]