Is the Indian Government Lying about Their $35 Tablet?


Recently the Indian government announced that through a collaboration with the country’s top engineering colleges a $35 Android tablet had been developed to bring slate-style computing to the masses. That’s all well and good, except now Indian Android blog AndroidOS is making the claim that the tablet said to be developed and subsidized by the Indian government is actually the Chinese-made Hivision Speedpad. An image comparison of the two devices in question should settle any doubt as to the origin of the Indian tablet.


Now, we have no idea why the Indian government would make such a bold claim when the origin of the device they presented could easily be sleuthed out, so there is still a chance that the image provided as the table was just a poor choice for a placeholder or something similar. Meaning: not the final product. But the argument that the device was actually engineered in China is quite compelling. Do we have a case of government conspiracy here or can this all be chalked up to simple misunderstanding?

[via AndroidOS, thanks to Amit for sending this in]

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  1. honestly, all i care about are specs and price. don’t care where it comes from.

  2. Maybe it was designed by Indian Techs and built in China.

  3. Maybe the “collaboration with the country’s top engineering colleges” came to the conclusion that outsourcing to China was the best solution.

  4. Maybe the techs did more graphical design and major program design. And not so much designing the shell.

  5. Haha, Fletcher took the words right out of my mouth!

  6. In China, the casing designs are often open and free for any manufacturer to use.

    The truth is the Indian $35 Tablet is based on electronics and software made by Bangalore AllGo Systems.

    What really happened, the Indian HRS saw my video of AllGo Systems , and they though it was a good idea and that triggered them announcing the project.

    This is how this works. All devices are manufactured in China no matter what. No other country has the same consumer electronics manufacturing infrastructure to be able to build tablets and stuff like that.

  7. the India government is very much capable of doing it, not surprised, they are a bunch of incompetent scoundrels and liars. they had done it before.

  8. India has a proven track record for low cost top quality products and services (Eg. Tata Nano, Maruti 800 and Indian IT services) so its not that difficult to assemble a low cost hardware on already free Android OS. It is a natural progression. I wish Germany does something like this for students.

  9. 90% of phones if not more are produced in China,even the infamous iphones,so that’s no news.If India choose to outsource the tablets,then its all well and good

  10. Outsource hardware to China? So what part of that devices was “developed” by Indian? The device was first shown in Cebit in March, and indian government announced several months later. I don’t think instilling open source software count as a “development”. Even if they outsource it to china, wouldn’t it be normal for them to develop a new hardware layout so it wouldn’t look the same? Funny and sad at the same time. Indian government is truly in a league of their own in term of stupidity

  11. i agree with Ronny,india has done it before.

  12. Please no more news about Indians. Indians and Asians are two groups of people I can’t stand. Not only do they smell, but they are extremely annoying. I wish Indians and Asians would just stay in India and Asia.

  13. china was a uncivilized nation before a man from south india(Bodhidharma) went there and civilized them. the chinese have not produced anything original in the last 5000 years. everything was copied or borrowed from India. westerners do not know this history.

  14. maybe its just one of the millions of chinese knock off products that they make right after a product is unveiled? or… they lied.

  15. the thing is hivision tablet came way back before everyone’s heard of this so called indian $35 tablet.

    March 01, 2010

  16. NoMoreIndianNews and chinkypigs going bla bla bla and oink, oink, f-king oink. bigotS!

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