HTC Sensation 4G On Sale Today, T-Mobile to Offer $50 Off Online Promotion


T-Mobile promised to release the HTC Sensation 4G “by June 15th,” and with stores stock ready to roll today is the day the blazing-fast dual-core handset becomes available. We’re still waiting for TMo to completely flip the switch — the phone is listed as temporarily out of stock for new customers — but when they do keep an eye on the carrier’s Twitter. We were teased in the wee hours of the night that a promotion code good for $50 off your online purchase of the Sensation 4G will go live sometime this morning. If you’re still on the fence about the Sensation, you’d do well to go check out our full review. Anyone planning on picking this phone up today?


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  1. I called Walmart last night to see if they had it in stock, only to be informed they only had the Verizon version O_o

    1. Somebody at Walmart doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    2. I would love if there was a VZW version…

      1.  I’d love a VZW version if I can actually use it abroad…

      2. There is, it’s called Thunderbolt…enjoy!

    3. What, the Thunderbolt?? Hahaha….. no thanks

      BTW spent Sunday calling all the Walmarts in a 50 mile radius with no luck, called again yesterday and the one closest to me had them! Sweeet! Day 1 with this phone has been.. Sensational! Love it.

  2. I’ve learned my lesson with early adopting. I’m going to wait a couple of weeks to see if any issues pop up. There are already a bunch of people having data connectivity issues over on the Tmo and XDA forums.

  3. I hope AT&T gets a version of this phone!

  4. What’s crazy is that AT&T is already showing commercials announcing the planned merger.  

  5. I got this phone last Thursday night. Switched from a DroidX, and even ported my number over to T-Mobile. I can honestly say that I’m loving this phone, and 4g. And for everybody that goes onto XDA or TMOnews looking to find a review, remember this: only people with problems go on here and bitch how bad the phone is.  People that really enjoy the phone carry on with their lives w/o feeling the need to bash the phone online.

    Still anxiously waiting for: root and unlocked bootloader

  6. As a 10+ year subscriber with two loyalty grandfather unlimited plans, I called on Friday to tell ’em I was jumping ship to another carrier due to the lack of high quality phones.  This of course was my best way to get them to throw the kitchen sink at me to try and stay.They offered me two HTC Sensations for the price of one and are going to call back today to fulfill the deal.  I wanted to ask for blog comment wisdom and see if you think I can get an even better deal using my long term loyalty and being off-contract currently in order to get this phone.Any advice? Anyone else pull something more impressive to share?

    1. By 1 get 1 seems pretty good.

    2. That sounds like the best deal you could get. I wouldn’t push it. Last year customer loyalty was able to give me a Vibrant for $150 (plus tax) and free 3 day shipping. Oh, and I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade until this month, so they’re pretty great. 

  7. In tomorrows news: Supplies of the popular phone “HTC Thunderbolt” have mysteriously disappeared from warehouses and suppliers shelves everywhere. Verizon has no choice but to replace the entire line with the “HTC Sensation”.

    Oh yes.

  8. tmobile is just going crazy with their prices, the sensation retail price is 550.00 and 217.00 with a 2 yr after 50.00 mail in rebate, that is just crazy when sprint is about to release the htc evo 3d a more powerful device on their network at a cheaper price.

    1. Bitch, are you retarded? Its $150 with 50.00 rebate 550 is the standard for high end off contract. The evo is only better in regards to ram, which in needs for the gimmicky 3d. 

  9. As of 1 pm Wed .. tried the online “buy now” button, logging in with myTmobile account and it come up blank.. even my current phone info is gone.. gonna have to go to the store I guess.

  10. Just picked mine up in Astoria Queens.  It’s beautiful and works amazing.  Can’t wait to customize it.  Replacing my Nexus S (which also works Amazing) for this bad boy.  Gotta have the latest and greatest is the only reason why I got this.  Super fast and top of the line.  HTC makes quality products and Sense 3.0 actually works with the phone as opposed to trying to cripple it like Motoblur.  

    Side Note:  I was the only one to have purchased this phone today at the TMO store I went to (Ditmars).  Message to TMO and HTC:  Learn from Apple on how to market your phones.  This phone is 20 times better than anything out there right now and people don’t even know about it.  Shame.  SMH 

  11. Walked into my T-Mobile store in my local mall this morning at about 10:05 and there was someone else already buying one, and another associate helped me buy mine. Quick, painless purchase. By the time I was done there were two more people waiting behind me to buy it. So far I’m loving it, and it turns on within seconds of hitting the power button. My old Vibrant would take forever to turn on, and it would take even longer to actually be usable since it had to scan both storage disks on it. The widgets and buttons in the lock screen are fantastic, too.

  12. Nice phone but I tested the screens on this and the g2x and the g2x had more color which makes me glad LG decided go with the IPS. Nice phone none the less

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