HTC changes tune, Desire will receive Gingerbread


We aren’t exactly sure what has changed since yesterday’s statement that the HTC Desire couldn’t handle an update to Gingerbread, but the handset’s manufacturer has updated their UK Facebook page yet again, and changed their story in the process. Minutes ago HTC made a short post stating, “Contrary to what we said earlier, we are going to bring Gingerbread to HTC Desire.” How they plan on accommodating Android 2.3 along with HTC Sense if memory constraints really are a concern, we can’t say. We simply hope the process won’t involve compromising the quality of the update. Still, Desire users can rejoice, even though this is merely the beginning of what is sure to be a grueling wait for the update to launch. See what a little bit of internet backlash will get you?

[via Facebook | Thanks, Richard!]

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  1. Good stuff

  2. Great news, especially considering I have a HTC Desire.

  3. updated months ago to cm7, one of these companies really needs to realise cm si better than their offerings and just put that on their phones

    1. just hire them as their Android software department lol.

    2. CyanogenMod is terrible…

      1. Agreed, cm is overrated… not terrible though

      2. haters gonna hate xD

  4. They probably decided to update it because Desire users were wondering why HTC couldn’t give them Gingerbread but they could root their phone and get it with CM7.

    1. OR MIUI, or Oxygen or Redux or LeeDroid etc etc/

      Seriously – why would anyone want the HTC Version – its wank!

  5. My gf with my old HTC desire will be quite happy. But then again, she doesn’t really care about update :) . Well, all’s well that ends well :)

  6. SE X10 with 256mb + costum ui can run gingerbread and the desire with 512mb has problems?
    htc is playing with their costumers.

    1. SE X10 custom UI is a lot smaller then the Sense UI. Please learn something before you talk

      1. I know you’re trying to defend your home company taiwan man but I think what he is trying to say is that the desire has twice the ram. You saying sense takes upto 256mb of ram?! Surely that’ll mean the htc can’t code for sh#t.
        Very inefficiently programmed it is then.

  7. Htc really buckles under pressure of there users…and that’s a good thing

  8. Is it just me, or is it sad that Gingerbread has been out since December and devices are just now getting upgraded? Heck, how many have even shipped with 2.3 since it was released? I know I would prefer to have a stock Android experience that is current (read 2.3.4) to a Froyo phone with Sense / Blur / TouchWiz / whateverothercrappyUI. I know you can root, but the majority of ppl don’t / won’t / can’t. 

    Honestly, manufacturers should let their UI overlay be optional. Turn them on by default if you want, but let us (the people buying the devices) have the option to turn it off. I like some of the stuff HTC’s Sense offers, but I don’t need it. Having gone to a TBolt from an OG Droid, I prefer the stock launcher. My wife thinks that Sense is pretty, but she prefers the stock launcher too. She was there playing with phones when I got the TBolt, and out of them all, she said she just wants her phone with updated hardware (read stock Android launcher with current hardware). Sadly this is impossible on Verizon.

    1. But what is the explanation for the G2? Its stock.  Still no Gingerbread. Droid X even has gingerbread.  I think its more than OEMs.  Definitely starting to feel like its the carriers.

      1. Yea….no one seems to be able to answer this question. The Droid X with Blur has GB, the Droid 2 with Blur is getting GB now…

        Stock Android isnt a guarantee for faster updates anymore.

  9. They just look ridiculous. What did they think their customers would say: Oh, yeah, that’s great, I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars replacing my 9-month-old phone, anyway?

    Why not think about the likely customer reaction before making the stupid announcement? Then they wouldn’t look like a bunch of liars.

  10. Off topic here, but WTF happened to Sammy’s promise to deliver quick updates after the whole Froyo debacle?

      My old SGS IS ON 2.3.4 now
      HTC haven’t even started on 2.3.3 yet. Get it right. They are imrpoving. At least those guys don’t lie staight up our asses.

  11. Stupid HTC. I have lost faith in them.Getting  the SG2

    1. Are you drunk? Compared to Samsung, HTC are perfect.
      After all, it only took them a day to back down.
      Samsung Kies is the devils shite – seriously – its fucking wank. I’d rather kill myself than have to use that piece of dogshit.

      1. Face the facts dude. Sgs which came out same time last summer is already moving on officially from 2.3.3. To 2.3.4.

        This turn-around just made HTC some LAZY B#ST#RDS & LIARS.

        I mean come on. They say they can’t do it now because people get angry over it (which indeed they should unless they really did want a higher-end smartphone with lifespan just short of 12 months) NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY CAN!


  12. When does the G2 get Gingerbread?

  13. Too late, installed CM7 last night.. Next phone probably won’t be an htc.

  14. Is the DINC not far behind now?

  15. Well done, but who really cares?
    The people who DO care will already have rooted and flashed a better rom.
    ‘Normal’ users don’t give a shit anyway and won’t notice the difference.

  16. HTC DESIRE owners should thank the android community.
    If my htc phone didn’t have enough userbase and htc didn’t look back on it and didn’t update I would’ve been sooooo pissed…

  17. Damn, I never seen so many people get so upset about a device GETTING an update before………. Seriously people.

  18. its just another marketing ploy by HTC to 1-up Samsung’s stunt of giving phones to CM devs

    Step 1 – say cannot support latest update

    Step 2 – wait till news spread along the interwebz, fans will be saddened

    Step 3 – announce that will have latest update, and employ the “we listen” slogan

    Step 4 – profit!?

  19. Weird company

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