Jun 15th, 2011

After total sales dropped by 29.2 percent last month, Acer has re-evaluated their tablet plans for the year with a 60 percent decrease in proposed shipments. The massive drop-off comes after missing their previous three quarterly forecasts and losing chief executive Gianfranco Lanci earlier this year. While the reduction in numbers seemingly comes as a bad omen, Chairman J.T. Wang expects Acer to rebound beginning in the third quarter.

Acer had already reduced its shipment forecasts for the second quarter, dropping figures by 10 percent. The company now expects second quarter results to come in slightly higher than forecast. The PC manufacturer hopes to sell 800,000 tablets in both the second and third quarters. Total shipments for the year are no pegged at 2.5-3 million units, down from the 5-7 million initially forecast.

[via Reuters]