Sprint to Tweak Tablet Data Plans for HTC EVO View 4G Launch


The HTC EVO View 4G is nearing launch, and it looks like Sprint wants to update their tablet data plans to welcome the 7-inch slate to the family. Pricing for plans includes 1GB at $20 per month, 3GB for $45, and 5GB for $60. A 10GB plan is $90 per month. Interesting enough, the pricing covers 3G data only. Below 3GB of data won’t net you any 4G action, but with a plan priced at $45 per month or more unlimited 4G data is included. Sprint is also selling the plans at discounted “bundled” prices for existing Sprint customers with current smartphone data plans. Not quite shared data, but at least they’re cutting multi-device users a break.

The plans should kick in around the launch of the View 4G, though an exact date isn’t known.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Tethering really is the only way to fly.

    1. I agree, completely.. Sprint’s unlimited 3G and 4G data via tether for 30 a month is the way to go. (or free if you root!).
      But if for some reason you dont want to go that route, and already have a Sprint phone line, there is an option that includes 3 GB of 3G data and Unlimited 4G data for only 35 a month.  Compared to the other guys, its a pretty good deal.

    2. Its a recession!!! Why on earth are people paying for something they can get for free!! Hopefully Sprint can keep to it’s word

  2. hmm 1gb for 20 isnt that bad

  3. I hope to pick up one of these bad boys sometime near labor day possibly sooner. Up first will be that industry leading Evo 3d 10days and counting…

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