E3 2011: Chris Gleefully Plays SHADOWGUN [Video]


Remember SHADOWGUN? The game I geeked out over after realizing it looked as good as average PS2 and PSP games? Yep, Chris was lucky enough to get some playing time with it at T-Mobile’s lounge on the E3 show floor. (Is this the first time a carrier has been at E3?) Anyway, if the images weren’t enough for you, then this footage is as good as it’ll get until the game launches (which we hear will be happening sometime soon). Video of Chris playing it is above, but check below for official footage from the developers, Madfinger.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hey dude, I heard NSync is getting back together.   You must be so happy. You can go back on tour now, start writing songs with Lance and JT again.  Man, I’m happy for you.

    1. Cool story, br0.     o_O

  2. Given the hype, I was expecting something mind blowing…

    1. Yeah it didn’t blow my mind, it blasted my mind. ^_^

      1. I wish. This game made Gears of War series look exciting.

  3. This game looks so amazing. Chris you are one lucky bastard, i wish i was at E3.

  4. Gears of War on your phone FTW!!

  5. Tegra 2 only ;( ? 

    1. Runs on anything with a good enough GPU.

      1. You can only guess. Chainsfire3D is not everything.

        1. and hence me saying “good enough GPU”. Also, it’ll be available on the iPhone 4, which pretty much has the same specs as the Galaxy S.

          1. actually iPhone 4 has a _lower_ specs GPU (older generation) than Galaxy S 1, although from the same company.

          2. I always thought they were the same. Whatever the case, it’ll be available on that and will run at 30 FPS, according to Engadget.

          3. This is a fault of optimization and Android? For beginning Android was not made for games and now we have effects. I am right? ;)

          4. I was just saying that since it runs on an iPhone 4 at 30 FPS, it might as well run fine on a Galaxy S or something similar. Not that I care though.

  6. Meh, looks like another boring TPS. The fact that you can play it on your phone doesn’t make it any more interesting. 

    I hope that game developers will stick to simple graphics, it seems that whenever a game has good graphics, the actual gameplay blows (not just on phones). 
    Definitely not going to pay for a crappy game like that.

  7. I hate playing a FPS on a controller, can’t imagine playing it on a touchscreen would be enjoyable.

    1. i hear ya, on a tablet maybe itll be bearable with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. but that does take some of the portability away.

      1. Yes but the fact that it can replace current gen console is mind blowing, just imagine the graphics on a tegra 4,5 and 6, which are all due before next gen of consoles.
        Just look at the PS vita, the graphics look amazing but tegra 3 is actually is more powerfull and has 3 times more gpu cores 12 Vs. 4.
        The only thing limiting in the equation is developers for now! Untill developers realize that the mobile platfrom is probably one of the most profitable.

  8. cool graphics, boring gameplay.  TPS/FPS sucks without a controller or a keyboard and mouse.  Maybe it’ll be a little bit better on the xperia play

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